Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Evertop Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice @ Clementi Ave 2 (Previously Tanglin Halt)

This shop, Evertop Hainanese Boneless Chicken Rice was very popular. It's a halal chicken rice place. It was previously at Commonwealth Drive / Tanglin Halt. It has moved for a few months to Clementi Ave 2.

It used to be a stall in a HDB coffeeshop. Now it is 2 shoplots in Clementi.

This is how it looks like now.

The veg dish.

"Lor Nerng". Braised Eggs.

This is Chicken Feet. (with the bones removed)

We ordered an extra bowl of ah char.

One whole chicken.

We had 7 of us. All of us thought that the food and portions at Tanglin Halt was better.

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tigerfish said...

You also like chicken feet arh? Hahah...when I eat chicken feet, friends always teased about the chicken feet step on their own s***, then it ends up in me :( *lol*
But I prefer the slightly spicy and tangy dressing for the chicken feet (remember was Zhen Zhen chicken rice, dunno where). This chicken feet looks quite plain. What kind of dressing ? :O

Karen said...

Hello! 1st time visitor. Can I ask you a non food question? hmm...what camera are you using? you make the food look absolutely YUM!

wmw said...

The braised eggs look really good. The best looking dish you have in this post (to me, that is) :o)

pink hippo said...

The chicken looks so good! I like this...

One whole chicken? Sure? Why I dont get to see breast meat?


southernoise said...

I used to stay in Tanglin Halt "chap lau". The halal one i felt was ok only. Prefer the one opposite the police post.

But then like change owner already... sighs...

putri said...

Hi there!I have wandered aimlessly in cyberspace and somehow I landed into ur blog and found the pics very GOOD and appetizing. thanks for the info about HALAL food!Will update my mini database. Keep up the good work! Fyi,I have linked to ur site, hope u dont mind.Anyway, if u want to wander into mine>>http://putri-berendam.blogspot.com

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