Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Sushi Tei @ Holland Village

Our aunts visited. One from London, the other from Malaysia. Together with Singapore aunt & family, we all went to have Japanese Food. We treated them to Jap.

We ate at Sushi Tei at Holland V. Here's what we ate.

They are having a Spring Promotion Special Menu. We ordered this from the Spring Menu.
Yummy and Delicioius. Salmon, Salmon Belly, Tuna, Scallops, Tuna. I love those mint leaves, they are so refreshing!

This is from the normal menu. Udon Curry.

Aunt from Spore loves ST's garlic rice, so we ordered it.

This looks interesting on the menu, so we ordered it. It's Wasapillar or something. It's something that looks like a caterpillar. Interesting eh!

Our fav, Jap Baby Octupus. We also had our fav seaweed behind.. (those sharp eyes pple eg Tigerfish can sure spot it one... haha)

This is another delicious thingy. It's egg roll and it wraps up unagi. Its warm too. You should try it!

Something else from the Spring Menu. Steamboat!

We ordered some Kimchi Steamboat.

It's quite big. Just nice for the 8 of us plus all the food above.
Lots of salmon, udon, kimchi, mushroom, etc...

We also had other thing that this photographer forgot to take, eg our usual Unagi Bento.
I think I should get the sushi tei card to get discounts man....

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tigerfish said...

You said it before I spotted it leh!
Those crunchy crunchy seaweed right? I love those!

Now Sushi Tei also got korean hotpot arh? I cooked korean hotpot recently...yummy yummy man, very appetizing :D

Keropok Man said...

tigerfish is always the sharp eye and the most creative!

korean thingy is promo.
Actually it says Spring Promo. But we can assume its korean with the kimchi :-)

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