Thursday, May 31, 2007

Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant @ Vivo City

Instant noodles on steroids! That was what I wanted to put for the header! haha..

Yesterday, we celebrated one colleague's birthday by going down to Vivo City for lunch. Someone suggested Kim Gary, so off we went there...

That's colleagues in front of the shop. The address is there too.

We sat down and the menu came.

It seems this might be the only branch in Singapore. There are 10 branches in Malaysia. The famous one is in Sungai Wang Plaza, KL.

Sorry ah. Blogger is not allowing me to upload the rest of the pictures, been trying for the last 15 mins. I will post the food pictures tomorrow. Going to sleep liao...

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Larry Lim said...

I hope you tried the thick toast and yinyang (tea) - my favourites whenever I visit the outlet in The Curve, KL. :)

pablopabla said...

Never really liked their food. The cheese baked rice is over rated.

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