Thursday, May 10, 2007

Republic Foodcourt @ Vivo City.

Few days ago, met up with 10 other friends and we watched Spiderman 3. You should watch it if you have not. After that we had supper or rather dinner, very late dinner at the Republic Foodcourt.

Did not know what to eat, so I actually queue (yes, I have gone mad)... at the Prawn Noodles Stall.

After that, we ordered some chicken wings to share.

They get all the famous hawker stalls around to set up shops here, so the food's all not that bad. The deco is all rustic old fashion too.

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tigerfish said...

So you don't like to queue for food wan lah! buahahahha! The queue must be not too long lah..unless the hokkien mee is soooo nice?

Looks like a mush of spidey webs of spider man *lol*...have not watch...waiting...err...for the DVD.

zeezee said...

The hokkien mee stalls in all food republic branches are always full of ppl. I actually dun find it very very nice. Not bad but not very dare also.

Keropok Man said...


Sometimes must follow norm mah, national hobby in Singapore is to queue!

Haha.. I did not see the noodles as spider webs, now it does look like it. Actually it looks like the alien thingy that make Spiderman turn into an evil character. hahaha...


But when you queue at the correct time, it moves very fast. They cook one whole big work, then serve like 7-8 persons at a time. So queue reduces like 7-8 in a minute. Then you start to wait again...

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