Saturday, May 12, 2007

Nasi Padang River Valley @ Zion Road : Lunch with Eastcoastlife and Shilpa

This morning I had brunch with EastCoastLife (one of Singapore's famous blogger) and Shilpa (a blogger who loves all things Indian from France).

Shilpa wishes to eat local food that she can't get in France, so off we came to try Malay Food.
Here's what we ate. Since we were all bloggers, the cameras all came out! hahaha..

Some time ago, you might get confused because a 'fake' shop set up beside it. It's on Zion Road. Now that shop's gone. It's right opposite Great World City. As they have on this sign, it's the original.

The wide selection of lovely dishes.

Out of the many dishes above, we picked these few.....
As they say it in France, Bon Appetit

Brinjal (Terung in Malay)

Long Beans with Tofu & Tempeh
(Kacang panjang dengan tofu dan tempeh)

Beef Rendang. Never fail to get this whenever I come here...
(Rendang Lembu)

Korma Chicken.
(Ayam Korma)

Pickled Pineapple
(Jeruk Nenas)

It was a very interesting time with both Eastcoastlife and Shilpa. We later went over to Great World City to have tea and coffee.

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Unknown said...

Hey I was there too today, with Sek Ling. But we were there after you.

We ordered more or less the same dishes.

Unknown said...

You should come earlier!
Then we can order more dishes to share....

Ming the Merciless said...

A lot of restaurants in Flushing (Queen's Chinatown) has pre-cooked food like these behind glass counters. I never tried them mainly because I tend to order stuff that are on the menu.

The rendang and korma looks delicious. Ditto the pineapple.

Anonymous said...

Never bring shilpa to little india to eat indian food arh? But again, think she could cook better indian food, so what for? Like the long bean tofu tempeh dish and those rendang and come order so little only ? ;p

Anonymous said...

I have yet to make beef rendang that looks as delicious as this. I gotta buck up.

Unknown said...

Reading your blog, I think I should visit NYC just for the delicious food! Esp that cheese cake you talked about few days ago!

Shilpa's Indian cooking would definitely be better!

I realise ECL and Shilpa eat very little one!!!!

You are already very good. At least you cook more than me! I am so lazy...

eastcoastlife said...

That was a great meeting of bloggers. I like the Korma Chicken and Beef Rendang. KM, I didn't eat little one hor. I eat big one! hahaha....

Actually I ate a lot lah!

Shilpa said...

Wah, Keropok, pai seh to visit after so many days! Eh, I eat little bit only meh? I finished everything on my plate leh...

Anyway, you all are right, no need to take me to Tekka, 'cos I'll be going there for the 3rd time in a week tomorrow! :)

Thanks again for the meal, I'm still so pai seh about it, got to go leave a comment on ECL's blog now...

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