Sunday, May 27, 2007

Masala Art - Peninsula Plaza

Those who was wondering about yesterday's quiz, it's at this place called Masala Art at Peninsula Plaza.

We had Indian Food Buffet there, we were celebrating two person's birthday from my CG.
Not showing the all the food from the buffet line, but this is interesting.

There's this guy making chapati there. Freshly made chapati just taste delicious!

The entrance to the shop, it's at Basement 1, Peninsula Plaza.

This guy making naan.

Another picture of the process.

After rolling the dough (yesterday's photo), the piece of flattened dough is put on the flat pan.

The naan is then put over the fire to make it expand!

There you go.... The above is the chapati making process.

Here, this is nann breads that is made in the kitchen. It is served to us in baskets like this.

Interesting ya?

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pinkhippo said...

Interesting! :)

And I think it is a very tough question!

eastcoastlife said...

So near my hubby's shop. I often pass by. Must try the food one day. :)

southernoise said...

i tot naan is cooked in the clay urn? and the naan dough is usually a bit softer, stretched a bit and then plastered into the hot urn.

this looks like cappati. hmmm...

Anonymous said...

southern noise is correct. this is chapatti and not naan.

Keropok Man said...

yes, I got it confused.
the post has been corrected. :-)

Camemberu said...

Wah! Am I late or what!? I just discovered your very delicious-looking blog while looking up Masala Art! Wow, I'm going to read every post now and subscribe to the feed! :D Thanks for the great pics!

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