Friday, May 04, 2007

Geek Food @ Geek Terminal

If you feel like a geek and want eat a geeky place, come to this place. It's call Geek Terminal. It's located right in the financial district at 55 Market Street.

Cool place. The tables are designed for you to hide your notebook when your food's served.

The chairs are so called designed to let you sit there for long hours. There's Wifi too if you want, choose either Geek Terminal's own or Wireless @SG.

I had dinner with a few geeky bloggers from Ping.Sg

This is the menu. It's your place to recharge.

This is my drink. Chinotto.

This is 'tstar's Grilled Salmon.
Grilled Salmon with lemon butter, seasonal vegs, mashed potatoes and gravy.

This is NTT's Hawaiian Sandwich.
Chicken ham, pineapples, cucumber and lettuce with barbecue sauce.

This is my bake rice. Out of the 4 baked rice dishes, only 2 are currently available.
This is Chicken & Mushroom Bake Rice.
Topped with peas, brown gravy and cheese.

Ridzuan ordered this: Soft Shell Chilli Crab
Tempura fried soft shell crab with their "chilli crab" gravy over spaghetti.

Ok. There are stuff eaten, but the photos did not come out nice. So they are not here ;-(

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eStee said...

so sad I missed the food! Glad to have met u!!!

Miccheng said...

Super nice pics bro!

DK said...

Your camera is awesome...

tigerfish said...

I like the soft shell crab with italian "mee pok".
I've tried similar dish (the chilli crab gravy but no soft shell crab) before, and like it. So much so that I tried to replicate cooking here using Prima...heee heee. Using seafood and spaghetti. :D

eastcoastlife said...

The food looks awesome! aiyaaa.... missed it, didn't go! wailllll.....

Keropok Man said..., glad to have met you all too.

next time i should save up all the chilli crab sauce after preparing crabs. then cook it with italian 'kuey teow'.

i prefer the italian kuey teow to mee pok. haha..

aiyo, pple wait for u leh, and u din turn up?

tak bagi muka lah..

Kevin said...

Your food photography should be considered pornographic. I also wish to try their soft-shell crab dish :P

Kevin said...

BTW, I believe you were caught in my video tour of Geek Terminal, though it won't be that easy for anyone to figure out who's who. :P

Keropok Man said...

hehe... i was in the vid for like 2 sec, but it was someone who quickly walked away.

yes, as usual, i escaped. LOL..
interesting video!

Precious said...

Oh I ate the soft-shell chili crab pasta too. Yummy! Fortunately I know where the chef lives so I can hound to cook more for me, hehe... =)

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