Wednesday, May 16, 2007

McDonalds's Sundae Cone without Cones! Really!

Just last week, I went to McDonalds in NUS Engineering canteen to have dessert. Colleague ordered a sundae cone for me. When I got it, I got a shock! What's this?

Apparently, when they run of of cones, they fill up the sundae in these plastic cups, the cups that they give to you if you ask for ice water.

Interesting eh?

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tigerfish said...

No chocolate swirl? Ran out also?
You go Engineering canteen leh, function(can eat) more important than form(presentation) lah!

Momo said...

huh? serious ah? wow, i havent been to a Mackers that has ran out of cones before! :P

Veron said...

That looks kinda cute. I never liked the soft cones anyway.

malique said...


they gotta be kidding!

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