Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Vegetarian Food @ Holland Drive Food Centre

I like vegetables, but not mock meat that's called vegetarian. But this stall in Holland Drive Market / Food Centre is very popular. The queue is always very long. We managed to get there just before the main crowd comes.

The Store... at #02-26

This is a huge plate of food, which costs only $2. It used to cost only $1.50!!!
What you see that looks like meat, no no, they are mock meat!

This is colleague's plate. I think we ordered one each. 4-5 plates of the same thing.
I like the top part, the crispy fried tofu skin. Colleage said that suppose to be mock duck! huh? How can it be duck? hahaha...

It taste quite real actually. But to me, real real veg and real real meat is much better. No fakes. LOL....

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tigerfish said...

I do like these vegetarian bee hoon but they can be greasy sometimes. As greasy if not worse then economy bee hoon sometimes.

Mock duck, mock char siew and mock braised meat...so much "meat" arh! :O

Mama BoK said...

I sure miss this alot..!! didn't think they were so cheap though. I used to eat at a place.. near my home in Woodlands.. when i was living in singapore.. but "zai gu" was expensive though.
I could eat this everyday..!

eastcoastlife said...

So-called vegetarian but it is so greasy as most of the mock meats are deep-fried! yikes.

Hubby and son love this dish though.

pink hippo said...

hahaha me too, I like vegetables but not mock meat.

I only like bee hoon and the crispy deep fried tofu skin, plus green chillie ...

Keropok Man said...

mamabok, some places are expensive, but this stall is know to be a cheap one that has lots and lots of pple.

ecl, i like the deep fried parts. hahaha..

pinkhippo, the green chilli my fav too. it's the real veg inside there! hahha..
(maybe the cabbage also real veg, other things all fake... haha)

Ming_the_Merciless said...

I love vegetarian food but unfortunately, they are almost always very greasy. They fry just about everything to make them delicious.

The only vegetarian food I like are salads and veggie dim-sums.

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