Monday, May 07, 2007

Geek Cooks: Olive Oil Mash Potatoes with Sweet Peas

Last Saturday was rare. I decided to stay home and not eat out!

So photos for today's food blog was what I prepared last Sat. It's been a long time since I use any of my 'expensive' kitchen decorations!

This is what I made. Mash Potatoes in Olive Oil with stir fried sweet peas.

Mash Potatoes with Olive Oil
- 1 bag of potatoes (approx 1 kg I think)
- 8 table spoons full of extra virgin olive oil (instead of butter, healthier mah...)
- fresh milk (about half cup)
- about 1 bunch (5-6 sprigs) of spring onions (or scallions)
- about 1 bunch (3-4 sprigs) of parsley (or cilantro)

Don't laugh at me ok? No I am not paid to name these brands. LOL...

1. Fill up a Scanpan Ceramic Titanium Wok with water filtered using a Brita Water Filter. Add in 2 teaspoons of salt in the chlorine free water.
2. Immerse the potatoes that have been cleaned and peeled, boil for around 25 mins or till its soft.
3. Pick up the potatoes with a Cuisipro Tongs and put them into a WMF pot.
4. Start mashing them using a NTUC-homebrand masher and crush the potatoes into smaller pieces.
5. Add in the extra virgin olive oil and mash. Add in milk and continue to mash till they are very smooth.
6. Add in the finely chopped up spring onions and parsley and stir.
7. Using a pepper mill, crush black pepper over, stir and that's it.

(I did not add salt in, if you wish, you can... I already boiled them in salted water)

Stir Fried Sweet Peas.
1 pack of sweet peas (use snow peas if you like)
1 medium size onion
3 cloves garlic.
1 1/2 teaspoon premium oyster sauce

1. Heat up the Scanpan Wok again, add in Extra Virgin Olive oil, and the sliced in rings onions. After they are translucent, add in the finely chopped garlic. After they are fragrant, add in the oyster sauce.
2. The sweet peas are sliced so they look like mini flattened rings. Add them in the wok. Quickly stir fry them and that's it!

I stir fry using a WMF spatula, and you can slice your onion using a Kyocera Ceramic Slicer too! LOL

OK. Enough of a geek cook who likes to buy kitchen utensils and never really use much of it. Mum always says 'waste money', my cheaper stuff can cook better food. Real skill. :-)

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tigerfish said...

You have Brita water filter, WMF pot and titanium wok and still don't cook so often, how can ? Can you sell everything to me for $2 ?
Your dish looks good and delicious!WoW!

Keropok Man said...

Tigerfish, u cook better and u are also more creative lah.

Actually, I like the vacuum cooking post the best! You just let is self cook! (psstt and one of the best known vacuum pots are Tiger pots leh.... lol)

Momo said...

Eh, you say all the brand of kitchen utensils, but never say what brand you use for cooking oil, what country potatoes, what brand sweet peas, oyster sauce etc ;)

Keropok Man said...

haha.. really must put ah..? LOL

i know oyster sauce is lee kum kee. the rest dunno leh.. LOL

pablopabla said...

This is all for one meal on Saturday? Where got enough? LOL!

eastcoastlife said...

km can cook ah? hehehe....

Not too bad lah but if your wife eats only mashed potato daily, can grow fat leh!

zeezee said...

Oh yea.. u really can cook, retrieve my doubtful comment on tigerfish blog. =P

Keropok Man said...

pablo, that was lunch. haha..

ECL, ya lor, eat too much carbo get fat fat one! haha

zz, haha.. no probs...

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