Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Wedding Dinner @ Raffles the Plaza

Last week, attended our friends wedding dinner at Raffles the Plaza.

So, here's the photos, a bit blur because the lighting is so so so dimm. These photos have flash artificially added in using my mac.

The menu...

The few round dishes which together forms the cold dish.
The jelly fish...

Eggs with stuff which I forgot.. :-)

Prawns and Fruit Salad with mayo.

Deep fried rolls, err I forgot what rolls they were.

Baby squids. Not the orangy coloured ones, this one has a more natural colour.

Next was the traditional sharks fin. Anti sharks fin pple, skip this section....

Braised Sharks Fin Soup with Conpoy and Fish Maw.

Next was Sauteed Scallops with Baby Asparagus, Macadamia Nuts and Pine Nuts.
Lovely dish..

Next was Deep-fried Deboned Chicken stuffed with Minced Prawns served with Mayo.
It's quite interesting to have stuff prawns in it!

We were meeting up with many friends whom we have not met for a long time. So food was secondary. So I can't remember what they taste like. hehe...

Continue tomorrow....

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tigerfish said...

Ya ya..the egg exactly what I commented about, in rasa malaysia's omelette...they are twins! Does this dish has some strands of sharks fin in it?

So spooky, think the scallops+ginkgo+asparagus dish is also similar.

Jo jo said...

hi hi...nice food. is it emily ho's wedding? she never invite me...sob sob...hope the food was good. did you meet old friends and see old people?

philippines catering said...

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