Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Goodness Gracious Me

I came back on Monday night and the first meal I had was Bak Chor Mee! haha... Dad, Mum, Sis had Kuay Teow Terng (Soup). Almost two weeks away, we really miss the food from home.

We ate at Basement 2 of Terminal 3, at the Kopitiam food court. There was posters like this stuck on the tables.

Something struck us. If you notice around the whole food court, 95% of people do not like to eat with trays! One of the reasons is that they smell and its usually wet and oily.

We thought we would return the trays to the return point after taking out our bowls of food. We happen to sit in the middle of the food court, walking around (about 20 steps), we could not spot the return point. It was only after when we were leaving and walked to the end that we notice the return points. Oh well...

So, do you clear your trays? We do at our workplace's canteens. They have multiple return points and usually the trays are dry and clean.

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1 comment:

ice said...

WELCOME BACK!! How's your trip? :)

Where's the pictures of your BCM and kuay tiao teng keke...

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