Thursday, October 30, 2008

Noodles stall @ NUS Science Canteen

Lunch after coming back from holidays has been familiar food.

Side track: Yesterday colleagues and I ate the Malay stall at the NUH Staff Canteen. (We noticed the food taste errrr... standard jatuh so much! We then look towards the stall. We notice none of the familiar faces selling the food's there now. Also, we noticed the menu on the board has been pasted with white paper. OK, not going back anymore.)

Today colleagues and I had lunch at the NUS Science Canteen. The stall owner's still the same. :-P

Two of us had the 'chan chan niang kuai' ('mix mix two dollars') noodles. This is it. A mixture of everything. It's always satisfying for people who wants to taste everything.

Two other colleagues had the 'Pai Ku Mian'. (Pork Rib noodles). They 'jia chai' (added extra vegetables) and this is their healthy looking noodles. $2.20

Familiar food always taste good. :-)

Chinese Noodles Stall
The Frontier (Science Canteen)
Science Drive 2

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Soup said...

Malay stall at NUH canteen is worst and had change of management. How about the Putei stall? Their fried bee-hoon and fried rice are delicious.

ice said...

chan chan 2 dollars look nice!

I Love Teh Tarik! said...

Chan chan 2 dollars mee? The uncle will understand? I want to try it next time also..

Lunch is Served! said...

Oh man... you make the noodles look so yummy. But I eat from this stall for dinner like, 3 times a week, and I'm quite freaked out at the thought of eating the pai ku noods and the mixed-noods already. The law of diminishing marginal returns has set in for me :)

Food Lover said...

Hahaha your pictures made the noodles looks so much nicer. Not bad that noodle stall gave quite a large portion. Some feel that the noodle is value for money. The other nice noodle stall which was on the newspaper is at the technoedge canteen ha.

Thiên said...

Beautiful and so yummy looking. I would love some right now!

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