Saturday, October 04, 2008

Korean Campbell Early Hwaseong Grapes @ home

Earlier today we bought some fruits, red flesh dragon fruits and we thought we would some Korean grapes since we are cooking some korean style meals tonight.

These were bought from Fairprice at $5.50 (it's on sale so it's $5.20)

Sis put one in her mouth and immediately she 'pui' it out. LOL
These grapes taste a bit like 'wine' or 'gummy bears that has alcohol'. Acquired taste.

Our brother likes it though. For myself, it's ok, definitely different from the usual grapes. Not something I will crave for even though it's expensive. Maybe we are not wine drinkers, except once a month on a tiny glass on Sundays ;-)

They are quite firm outside. These are not seedless though. The skin comes off so so easily. All you need to do it to press one end, and the grapes will come out the other end so effortlessly. Dig out the seeds and enjoy.

You can eat the skin if you want vitamins that comes with it. Bro ate the skin. I did not. I did not like the fibrous skin texture.

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JENCOOKS said...

Saw this at Takashimaya Food Floor, boxes and boxes of it....
It's like eat wine ?

Keropok Man said...

Not really, but a bit lah.
Taste 'winy' haha..

ice said...

I nearly bought this just now from NTUC! I like the winey taste actually, and I don't eat the skin too. :)

Keropok Man said...

I wonder if we use this to make home made gelato, how would it taste? Hmmmm....

chemgoddess said...

I think these are called black muscat grapes in Au? I like the taste too, but I prefer the texture of normal grapes! :)

Camemberu said...

oh I read that these are supposed to be chewy and gummy. if taste like wine, means the juice already starting to ferment? :P

ice said...

KPM: Sounds delicious! Try it and let me know!

kyn said...

oh i bought some of these at the taka food floor too..its 2 bunches for 10 bucks, yours is 5.20 per bunch? i just blogged about the grapes too!

Keropok Man said...


ya, i like the texture of normal grapes too. this one, you get a 'shock' that it's kinda slimy. haha.

Fermenting? You got to ask southernoise! He's the expert in fermentation. :-)

too lazy to make ice cream. with the recent milk scare, i have not touched milk for 2 weeks! maybe should make own ice cream again.

Oh.. it's a little cheaper in Taka ;-)

ice said...

Just bought mine for $4.90 ho ho ho! :)

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