Saturday, October 18, 2008

Pizza de France

We have a committee in my department who organizes almost monthly makan sessions for the entire department. Purpose is for everyone to gather together for lunch, as we found that its tough for everyone in the department to sit together and mingle over meals. The department has 3 teams, and each team have different timelines to meet throughout the day (even over lunch times!) hence the difficulty to come together for lunch.

This time, the committee decided to order in pizza (nope, not from the one that has three 5s in the takaway number). The committee was also doing a movie screening!! Something quite different for lunch ;-)

Here's the web site of the pizza.

We ordered the "688 combo" that came with 3 large pizza, 10 pcs of Honey mid wing, 10 pcs of Spring roll, 10 pcs Shrimp rolls, wedges and 2 bottle of coke.

One of the pizzas was Sunshine Fantasy. We thought we would see the slices of boiled egg on top! But doesnt look like it

There was also BBQ Chicken. Not too salthy like some of the others. This was good!

The last was the usual Hawaniian Classic, which could taste the sweetness of the pineapples.

The finger food was something that everyone grab it first, We all asked, pizzas and spring rolls was not exactly a combination that we would mix. Hahaha.

Check out the web site: if you want to try the other pizza flavours. 1 colleague had lots of praises for them.

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FoodieGymmie said...

the sunshine fantasy looks soo eggy. i love eggs, but pizza with eggs... hmm, is it nice???

Momo said...

Its quite good. I was apprehensive at first too, but it went well :-)

cat_aunty said...

aren't u in UK???

Momo said...

Keropokman is in UK. Momo doing the post till he gets back :-)

cat_aunty said...

Thank you Momo for preparing our daily fix

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