Thursday, October 09, 2008

Special Shanghai Tim-Sum @ Margaret Drive

When you make a trip to Margaret Drive, you got to try the Popiah and the Guo Tie.
One colleague ordered some Guo Tie for us, while another ordered 2 popiahs.

Here's the Guo Tie, 8 pieces for $4.
(Think it was 10 pieces for $4 previously)

It's nice and crispy. You should try it too if you are around.

Since I took the photo, here's the popiah. It's from the ground floor. Colleague said that the skin's made by the son upstairs. ;-)

Special Shanghai Tim-Sum
40A Commonwealth Avenue
Stall #02-480
Commonwealth Avenue Food Centre
Singapore 140044

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Life for Beginners said...

"Colleague said that the skin's made by the son upstairs."

Which begs the question, what does the son DOWNSTAIRS do? Fry the skin? Hehe.

Keropok Man said...


It's a two storey building. They sell the popiah at the stall on the ground floor. They make the skin on the floor upstairs.

I could do with some popiah now. crunchy bits, hint of potent garlic, sprouts and the 'bang kwang'.

Nic (KHKL) said...

dude, have you tried the char kway teow here? i came, i saw the queue, i left...hehehehe

ok lar, had a bowl of so-so stir-fried hor fun before i left..hehe..

Keropok Man said...

Colleague told me the CKT was not worth the queuing. So the answer is No. LOL

Lunch is Served! said...

Verily, the pot-stickers here are really good. I can attest to that. Amen.

southernoise said...

this was my regular dinner place before the renovation.

I use to makan the chicken rice, guo tie, popiah, single plate chze char stuff with rice at the corner behind char kway teow, claypot rice and that traditional hawker center western food with that serial killer look a like uncle. char kway teow is OK lah, not fantastic but reasonably priced.

Keropok Man said...

You sound so happy compared to your impression of the chicken rice stall. LOL

you have all of it all at the same time ah? hehe...

tigerfish said...

I'm surprised they sell such popiah in Shanghai eatery? The Guo Tie is almost entirely deep fried...I thought only the bottom of the dumpling is pan-fried most of the times ? ;p

Keropok Man said...

oops, i should make it clearer, the popiah's from another stall :-)

ice said...

Help. I'm craving popiah now...

HisFoodBlog said...

Tried both the guo tie and popiah as well. Thought the popiah was very fresh and one of the better ones I have tried.

My mum who is a popiah lover simply loves it!

Fen said...

Any idea what is the opening hours of this store? This place seems to be so quiet, not like in the past. I pass by here a couple of times in the morning but there isn't anything tempting for breakfast...

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