Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Swiss German Sausage Bar @ Takashimaya

Keropok girl and i were wanting a quick dinner. We were on our way to exchange her newly bought toy, which spoilt 2 days after using.

We were spoilt for choices on which sausage to choose.

She finally decided on Chicken Garlic with Rosti - $9.50.

I had Smoked Pork with Rosti - $9.80

Both plates were accompanied with sour cream and some browny coloured, salty stuff, which we couldnt figure out what it was. We also thought the rosti were a little thin, not enough for the greedy me :P

Swiss German Sausage Bar
Takashimaya Shopping Centre

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Camemberu said...

Mmmh, thanks for this. Now I know what to eat next time at Taka. The brown salty stuff looks like sauerkraut, their pickled shredded cabbage.

brad said...

oic, this's a new store? never see it the last time i went there

southernoise said...

mmmmm sausages! were the skin crunchy?? I love sausages from The Butcher's House... mmmm.....

Momo said...

think you right :) Dont know what's the name for it. But come to think about it, it does taste like cabbage.

Not sure if new or not, but it certainly caught my attention to try it :P

Yes! Crunchy skin. i know where to buy good sausages ;)
What do you normally buy?

southernoise said...

the chicken cheese and spicy pork but then I don't have any particular favourites. too glutton lah!

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