Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Laksa Steamboat Seafood Restaurant @ Telok Blangah Road

Last Friday night, Momo, Sis and I met up with friends from Melbourne. One of them was my sister's housemate long long ago in Melbourne.

The girls had wanted to try this Laksa Steamboat place for a long time, and decided it would be a great time to try it out.

If you have eaten the San Katong Laksa in Holland Village or the Nasi Lemak, this is their sister restaurant.

The place is quite pack and busy! There must be lots of laksa lovers out there!

It's an a-la-carte style steamboat. You are given this menu and a piece of printed order chit and you tick what you want. There's not like a big huge selection, but it's good enough to give you a good varieties.

We chose the "2 in 1" pot and had the "laksa" soup and the "we think it's ikan bilis or maybe it's chicken" soup.

The photos of the first round that we had. Price are quite reasonable. Around $3-$10 per plate depending on what it's seafood, meat, vegetables.

The above is from one side of the table. This is on the other side of the table. (The soup pot's in the middle)

Now... it's cooking and eating time.

We slided everything gently into both soups. The left side looks like laksa now right?
We started with the laksa half. It was like eating countless bowls of laksa with ingredients only!

Now what's laksa with 'hum' (cockles). Scoop it up and gently boil them in the laksa soup. Yumz!

Our soup was topped up quite frequently without us asking. We were a bit too ambitious with the laksa. It was like 3 or 4 bowls of Laksa soup and you get really satiated. (super jelak) haha....

Here's one of photo of the many 'rounds' we had.

This place is for laksa lovers. The stock gets thicker and thicker and more delicious. We paid around $98 plus relevant taxes for 5 people. We had 31 plates of food according to the receipt.

Laksa Steamboat Seafood Restaurant
404 Telok Blangah Road
Singapore 098840
Tel: 62757069

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tigerfish said...

Wah, so many plates! I thought it was eat-all-you-can steamboat!

Keropok Man said...

Sometimes a-la-carte turns out cheaper than buffet. This average to $20 per pax. The famous one with 4 letter word that starts with C is now charging $40 per pax.

Life for Beginners said...

The "we think it's ikan bilis or maybe it's chicken" soup.

Hilarious! When did dinner become a guessing game, eh? ;)

Lunch is Served! said...

Wow! H would really love the laksa steamboat. I thought that satay sauce steamboat was decadent enough:)

HisFoodBlog said...

The cockles looks excellent - fat and juicy!!! Anyway my guess is that the soup is more chicken than ikan bilis looking at the oil floating above it.


southernoise said...

been wondering about this one for a while.

the infamous 4 letter C restaurant serves best chili hor but damn ex :)

Keropok Man said...

you know the chicken soup taste of ikan bilis too. you do not really know which is more dominant. LOL

I went to the Satay sauce steamboat without trying the satay sauce haha... it sure is a place for laksa lovers... *heart clogging too?*

Think it's more chicken stock, maybe they put in some ikan bilis or something similar, it has some hint of fishy taste in a good sense. LOL

I miss the 4 letter C chili dip. Have you found the recipe to replicate it yet? hehe...

southernoise said...

haha... no! didnt get a chance to but I was thinking of using that thai chilli sauce that chef yong recommended and mix in with lots of chopped coriander leaves and garnish with some ground peanuts. maybe a squeeze of lime or lemon. hmmm

what do you think?

Keropok Man said...


you know there's this other thai chili sauce called Sriracha. Maybe use this instead of the usual sweet thai chilli sauce.

Then maybe some fish sauce. lots of chopped coriander, maybe some thai basil totally blended with some chopped peanuts. with the ugly skin lime. (forgot what is called, but look like old skin kind).

how does it sound now? hehe..

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