Monday, October 27, 2008

Tsuru Tsuru Tei @ Meidi-ya, Liang Court

Dino wanted to try a new restaurant at Liang Court. But it was packed, and they couldnt give a time when a table would be available. Hence, we wondered off to the basement and thought will try some of those little eateries outside Meidi-ya.

Chance upon this one selling udon and some other little items. Menu looks like that. We decided and walked to the cashier to order. The person at the cashier was also a Japanese :-)

Dino had the Maitake Udon aka Fluffy Fish ball with Maitaka Mushrooms. $10. The fish cake was firm and bouncy.

I had Kim Chi, Egg Udon. It looks like laksa! $10.

Here's how it looks when i took the udon to eat. Its even got tau pok! Just like laksa. hahaha.

And we also ordered a little cute eel rice. Simply called Mini steam eel rice. $1.80

Here's the address:
Tsuru Tsuru Tei
177 River Valley Road
#B1-01 Liang Court

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BrainWave said...

i love the pix you guys take. thy're well shot and really looks yummy. too bad i read your site in the evenings and that usually translates to supper which is really not good for my expanding waistline.

ice said...

I like the udon here too. It's just like eating udon at old Yaohan basement. :)

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