Thursday, October 02, 2008

Jolly V Fried Chicken @ Lau Pa Sat

We were celebrating a friend's birthday earlier at Lau Pa Sat after our Bible Study. We had the usual satay and chicken wings, chai tow kueh, or jien etc...

The chicken wing was horrible. It looks so so carcinogenic. (i.e. super chao tar/ burnt) After scraping off the burnt parts, putting it in our mouth, it tasted so bland inside. We decided, the chicken wings stall is slowly deteriorating beyond description. 10 over of us on the table agreed. We need to look for alternatives to chicken wings in lau pa sat. By the way, there's only one stall selling the honey chicken wings, it's a monopoly that's why they are becoming complacent!!!

Momo and I read about this new Filipino Fried Chicken around. Oh, it's time to go try it! It has all set meals on the menu, but we just wanted chicken to share around. We asked if they sell only chicken pieces. Yes, they do. $2.50 per piece and it will take 15 minutes to prepare. Sure. We ordered, paid and waited.

The chicken comes with this sauce. It taste like the mash potato sauce. If you are a fan of brown sauce, you will like it. No, then skip it.

The few of us thought that the chicken was worth the wait. Hot freshly fried chicken. Crispy outside, juicy inside. The batter was a bit salty, so it was quite appetising. Compared to the wings earlier, this was so much better. They are ok size too.

We ordered 5 pieces. They fried 4 first and had to wait for another one in another deep fryer. So while waiting for the last piece, I took these photos ;-)

Another place to have fried chicken if you want something from the regular 'cooked with 11 herbs and spices brand'. ;-)

Jolly V Fried Chicken
Stall 65
18 Raffles Quay,
Lau Pa Sat Festival Market,
Singapore 048582

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backstreetgluttons said...

they do look golden and we can feel da crispiness, but what da KFC ppl say about this one being the world's no 1 ( and not complacent we still think)

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Wah filipino fried chicken. Looks just like KFC, hor. I bet they taste great (just like KFC). Oh, did I tell you that I really like KFC?

I wonder why filipino chains don't come to KL. I bet they'd do well.

tigerfish said...

So what is filipino about the fried chicken? The sauce? or the seasoning used to marinate the chicken?

Lunch is Served! said...

Gee... I haven't had fried chicken in ages. Now I'm having a craving! LOL!

JENCOOKS said...

Hmm I thot I go LPS only for Fatman Satay which has deteriorated I think; so we have another intereting stall here to consider. Looks great, sauce and KFC lookalikes.

Annie said...

w0w! yummy!

tigerfish, it's possible that a filipino owns it...
there is a very popular food chain in the Philippines called Jollibee and they are famous for their chiken too, it is called "Chickenjoy" a juiciliscious and crisypyliscious type as they advertise :)

Keropok Man said...

KFC still has its secret recipe. Which one you like? Crispy or the Original ones from KFC? hehe.

Lyrical Lemongrass,
They taste yummy. I think most fried chicken taste good if done correctly. I like KFC too. LOL

Ask Berjaya's boss to bring in Jollibee. Since they got the cash to bring in Krispy Kreme too. haha

The brand and the people managing it. It's suppose to replicate the Jollibee brand in Philippines.

There's this number to call you know. They run the advertisement non stop on TV! But got to wait 45 mins usually.

Ya like Marrybrown and McDota fried chickens in Malaysia. hehe..

Hmm makes me wanna try Jollibee and see how it compares to KFC and the rest :-)

Ming the Merciless said...

I haven't had fried chicken in a while. Now, I'm craving it.

Maybe tomorrow, I will have fried chicken for dinner.

Keropok Man said...

So did you really have your fried chicken? hehe...

Annie said...

Keropok Man, maybe when you come over to the Philippines, you can try Jollibee ;)

Btw, the sauce is called GRAVY. Yes, similar to one served with a mashed potato.

Let me just share a story, when I ordered nuggets from McDonalds, I asked for gravy... and they gave me curry. I settled for the sweet and sour instead... haha :P

Anonymous said...

Jollibee's Chickenjoy is especially flavored according to Filipino taste (because its market is Filipinos, duh)... Different countries have their different signature/specific flavors. In every case, that is the way the food is served for each country. Good if you like it, and good if you don't.

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