Friday, October 31, 2008

Cold Rock @ Holland Village

Met our friend 'gorilla' for dinner on Friday and we had to wait for Momo to arrive from CBD at Holland V too. So we picked a place that has a long queue, because we know Momo might take some time.

It seems Sushi Tei has a long queue during peak hour, and so we were glad. (LOL.. are we mad?) Now comes the dilemma, it's so hot outside and we know the wait's going to be 30 minutes, where can we find a place that's nearby and has air-con? Cold Rock.

So both 'gorilla' and I had a Junior ice cream each.

The 'mixing' of the ice cream... (which makes our ice cream melts very quickly)

I had white chocolate and dark chocolate mixed with boyensberry.

'Gorilla' had banana with butterscotch with boyensberry (I think)

It was $4.95 + $1 topping. We saw that UOB card has a 10% off if you spend $10 or more.

Cold Rock
24A Lorong Mambong
Holland Village
Singapore 277683

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