Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Crabs Party @ Aunt Annie's Place

Last weekend, our aunt said that we are going to have a Crab Party at her place, it was also to celebrate her bro-in-law's birthday. Her BIL loves crabs. So that will make him really happy!

So aunt ordered 6 crabs from the fish monger that she usually buys her seafood from. She ordered 6 thinking they were the usual tiny ones, but when we went to collect it, the fish monger has reserved the super huge ones for her! 6 huge crabs? Oh what a feast it will be!
(Last weekend's seasonal pricing for crabs were $90 for 6 crabs, ya, I know you all will ask)

The fish monger cleaned and killed the crabs for us. You can witness the killing of the crabs here. There are the crabs that's brought home, after further cleaning and ready to be cooked.

These claws will turn into yummy food!

Usually when you ask the fish monger to kill it for you, they bash the shells for you too. But aunt preferred to bash it herself, and do it just before she cooks it. (so all the juice etc is preserved and can be used for cooking) Also it makes it easier for you to wash the crabs at home. Here's her with her stone pestle cracking the great pincers.

Using a big stone pestle to crack the crab's claws

The kids can't really take spicy food, so we had two kinds of cooking style.

This is the garlic and butter crabs. Oh can you imagine the smell? Fragrant garlic and butter. Ahh....

Cooking the garlic butter crabs

Look, the shell's changing colour. The crabs are turning into the nice reddish orange delicious crabs we always imagine it to be.

Cooking the garlic butter crabs.

Here it is, the garlic and butter crabs. It was good. We used our hands to eat and it was really finger licking good. ;-)

Garlic and Butter Crabs

Here's Part II. We are also having chilli crabs. Here's the mix that we used. (From Prima Taste) Oh, when the chilli is being heated, oh.... the whole kitchen's choking with chilli. *cough cough cough* LOL...

Heating the chilli sauce

Next, in goes the crabs. Coat it all with the sauce and simmer....

Throw in the crabs.

After adding about 1 litre of water and other mixes provided by the box, add in 4 eggs and the crab's almost done.

The crabs are almost done...

We had two big bowls of chilli crabs. That makes it 3 big plates/bowls of crabs for the party.

OK, next time we should not be too scared to add more water. It was a bit thick, but it was superbly spicy and delicious!

Chilli Crabs

Oh, we know eating crabs are a waste of time, but when you got the weekend free and friends and family to chat and eat, it's quite OK! Everyone enjoyed the crabs. We had it with fried rice and bread.

Happy Birthday RF!

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Zannnie said...


alicesg said...

OMG, it looked so delicious. I think I will have to eat chilli crabs this

Unknown said...

Zannnie, we go eat when you come back ya?

Your weekend meals all planned! :-)

red fir said...

Eating crabs are definitely not a waste of time! Love crabs too but we eat them Teochew style, just steamed and eaten on its own with plum sauce. My mom freeze the crabs before cleaning them. It's less cruel. :)

Su-Lin said...

What a great idea for a party - crabs! Yum yum!

Chocolate Reindeer said...

very nice indeed... it's not too difficult to cook crabs then? I always thought it would be too much trouble, but now it actually appears quite fun and easy from your post.

Unknown said...

we thought of cooking 2 crabs each for each flavour. thinking of steaming Part III. but we decided 4 shall be chilli. LOL...

Trying it too?

Choc Reindeer,
The difficult part is the killing part. Just get it from your fav fish monger, and ask them to help kill it, it's a breeze. With the Prima and other brands cooking sauce, you can't really go wrong. :-)

Cookie said...

Growing up we had a lot of family dinners revolving around cracking (and sucking!) a pile of crabs. It's such a fun activity not to mention yummy! I've actually never had chili crab before but my boyfriend loves it so maybe I'll try to cook it sometime.

cocoadeluxe said...

Slurrrrrpppp....... that was really too yummy.. Do you mind sharing the recipe for the garlic & better crab ? I love crabs !!

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