Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Gelateria Venezia @ Guthrie House

We have a really really cute little niece and it was her birthday few days ago. This was after dinner and we had gelato at Venezia.

We each had a cup. We wanted to go Island Cremery, but at around 8.45 pm, our uncle figured it would be almost impossible to park there. Guthrie House will be less crowded and you get to park too.

Here are some of the gelato photos... :-)

Gelato at Venezia Gelateria

The Belgium Chocolate that I had.
Need I say more? It's just so lovely.

Belgium Chocolate

Our uncle had Rum and Raisin, so did our cute little niece's parents.

Rum & Raisin

Hey, my friends who always say I play with my food. See it runs in the family. The older ones also do the same!

Rum & Raisin

This was Round 2 for me. Felt like having a bit more. Sis and Aunt said they will share with me, so I ordered a 2 flavour. Durian and Peanut Butter. (They have another name for the PB which I forgot). Yes, it does not go together, but the Durian's for aunt and we 'transferred' it to her empty 'bowl'.

Duran and Peanut Butter

The little girl had this. Her favourite Mango Gelato, on top of a waffle.

Candles on Mango Gelato on Waffle

We had a hard time trying to figure out what presents to buy. But if you are attentive, you know what they want. I went out with her once and she was looking at 'food erasers'. We got her 2 packs of it and she was so so delighted. You should just look at her face and the scream when she opened the present. LOL.

We also got her an origami book and pack of origami paper. No, this did not excite her at all. Maybe origami are not for primary school kids?

What are 'food erasers'??? They are really cute erasers that is shaped like food. Sushi Packs, Western Food Packs etc. (Example from Flickr) You can get them at Popular Bookshops. I wonder what they do with it! Play 'masak-masak'?

Gelateria Venezia @ Guthrie House
1 Fifth Avenue
Singapore 268802

Tel: 6468 3656

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Camemberu said...

Yumm....too bad the Venezia moved out from Parkway. No more gelato for me....

Keropok Man said...

We all remember your home made ice cream!

fatboybakes said...

plonk...fainting sound...
i need sugar, nooowwwww...

Janice said...

i used to collect 'food erasers' during primary school. I don't use them because normally this type of eraser is pretty to look at but lousy at erasing. :P

Keropok Man said...

I know there's nice ice cream all over in KL! :-)

They are so pretty right?

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