Friday, June 19, 2009

Oriole cafe & bar @ Pan Pacific Serviced Suites

Momo and I had dinner here in this hidden somewhere in Orchard Road, yet feels Dempsey-ish place. Modern & chic place, dim lights, peaceful and calm place.

When we entered, we could see people at the bar drinking, we were seated at the sides where there are people having meals. One of our friends, Sue recommended this place. So, here we are having dinner.

If you wonder how it looks like, click here for a photo I took in April last year.

We had dinner at Oriole Cafe & Bar. The little bird on the logo, looks very 'twitter-ish' right?

oriole cafe & bar @ pan pacific serviced suites

The place is really dimly lit, so my photos are a little off colour. I did not really bother to adjust the white balance, we were more interested in eating ;-)

The appetizer we had was Unagi Salad. Shoyu dressing which both of us liked.

Unagi Salad

Momo had the beef cheeks taglitalle. She likes beef cooked with red wine, so this was her dish. Tender and melty as Momo said.

Beef Cheeks with Taglitalle

I can't decide what to eat, so I took the Chef's Choice. Chef's choice tonight happens to be Braised Veal, named Osso Bucco in the bill.

I like the mushroom combi and the mash potato. It goes so well with the veal. I thought they were quite generous with the veal. I give it a thumbs up.

Osso Bucco

Thanks iPhoneGirl for the recommendation. It's a nice place indeed and the food's as you said, quite rustic, simple and satisfying.

Approx: $30 per person incl of taxes etc.

Oriole Cafe & Bar
Pan Pacific Serviced Suites
96 Somerset Road, #01-01
Singapore 238163

Tel: 6238 8348

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nice review of a good place serving unpretentious food and fantastic coffee.

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