Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Scholar @ Kent Ridge Guild House

Today we had lunch with one colleague (Stef) who's leaving and it's her last day tomorrow. So we got to grab her today before it's too late. haha....

We initially wanted to have lunch at Cafe by the Ridge at the KR Guild House, but we went downstairs to The Scholar instead. Why? We were not really happy with the waitress not giving us the seats we wanted, some tables were 'reserved' for much bigger groups, 7 of us is not considered big enough. We just did not like her attitude. Never mind.... We all just all decided to just leave. LOL...

We got a table that sits 7 of us comfortably at The Scholar instead. ;-)
The ladies ordered, while the two of us guys just wait to eat. LOL

Stef wanted veg and her choice was Kailan with Garlic.

Kailan with Garlic

Jlim ordered this combination. We think it's quite interesting and it tasted good. Jellyfish, fish bites, char siu and fried brinjal strips with floss.

Combination Platter

Em another colleague wanted Sweet n Sour Soup.
It's full of ingredients! Just a bit too starchy, but it was good.

Sweet and Sour Soup

While we ponder what else to eat, I suggested a beef dish, but 'woonie' said no red meat please. Blood test indicates a bit high uric acid. White meat please. Pork or chicken...

Talking about pork, Stef said she wants Coffee Pork Ribs.
Well, it was a good choice. We liked it.

Coffee Pork

Since it's white meat, we can't have duckie. So we settled for San Pei Ji instead.
It was quite nice too.

San Bei Ji

Have a good rest and all the best for your new job Stef!

Approx of an average of $17 per person incl of taxes etc.

The Scholar
National University of Singapore Society
Kent Ridge Guild House
9 Kent Ridge Drive
Singapore 119241

Reservations: 6586 3710

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Life for Beginners said...

There is just something about the San Pei Ji that activates the saliva buds in me... *drools*

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