Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Momo's Cooking for friends

Momo rewarded me by cooking for me for fixing up the wires at her home so that she can get Video On Demand although she has no Hubstation. It seems to many people do not know that you can have VOD without Hubstation. Oh yes, it's legal, if you are wondering that's it's hacking or something. You still need to pay if you want to watch VOD, but if you are subscribed to channels like VV Drama, you automatically get free VOD for all the shows shown on Channel 55 of Starhub TV. ;-)

Actually, she cooked because she invited a few persons over for dinner to catch up over the weekend. Just to catch up and chit chat.

Here's what she prepared. The apple and pork rib soup photos turned out all blur, it's not here.

The roast herb chicken wings. 'Gorilla' and I stole some to eat when it was fresh out from the oven, that's why some pieces seems to be missing. LOL...

Roasted Herb Chicken Wings

Spicy Hae Bee French Beans. Someone nearly choke when he did not know it was spicy. LOL..

Spicy Hae Bee French Beans

Bittergourd and Egg.

Bittergourd Egg

Must eat colourful food to stay healthy. There's yellow, red and green capsicum with mince. Traffic lights? LOL...

Minch with Capsicums

Momo's version of Babi Ponteh.

Babi Ponteh

Black Pepper Prawns.

Black Pepper Prawns

It was nice to catch up with friends. ;-)

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Julia said...

wow, momo can cook so well! i spot her favorite french beans! how come never invite me, leh?

ice said...

Momo's a good cook! You're so lucky. :)

Jaime-La-Nourriture said...

momo is a good cook!

Keropok Man said...

you text her lor. hehe.

ice, jaime-la-nourriture

Zannnie said...

wah, 有口福 leh Keropokman! :)

Kirsten said...

haa haa.. Momo is an excellent cook... count yourself lucky!

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