Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Chiharu Sake Bar and Seasonal Specialties @ Bukit Timah Road

The seasonal sets. It's summer now, so here's the summer sets that we had.

It's the chef who decides what we eat, so what you see here might not be what you get if you order this too. It's to the chef's mood. ;-)

The appetizers. They all tasted great. I particularly liked the one with azuki beans.


The sashimi that the chef prepared.

Chef's Choice of Sashimi

Not sure of the name of this fish, but it's a medium size fish that was really nice. The flesh is so sweet. Sis who don't usually like fish think it's nice too. Our cousin who is a fish lover, can be seen nibbling the fish so happily.

Grilled  Fish

Fish broth? The white flowery thing is fish and the rest are like daikon etc. Err, after the fish above, I did not really like this dish.

Fish Soup

This duck soup is nice.

Duck Broth

The fish decided to serve us the following sushi. Nice nice.
I realise that half of us dont like uni. haha...

Assorted Sushi incl uni

Another soup. Miso based soup.
We had so many kinds of soup, we realise that the guys like the salty ones, and the ladies the sweeter ones. I wonder why....


The set ended with Japanese Musk Melon. So juicy, sweet and fragrant!

Japanese Musk Melon

We really liked this dinner. You can look at the menu and pricing at their website ;-)

Chiharu Sake Bar and Seasonal Specialties
779 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 269758
Tel: 6769 1929

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Nic (KHKL) said...

dude, u went back to chiharu again! awesome!i read somewhere they have discounts for certain credit cards as well. i go check!

btw, the summer sets look good. kinda reminded me of some of the dishes we had the first time. drooling at the very early hours of the morning!

Rashai said...

Love your pictures! The food look really yummy, especially for Japanese food mania like me. I'll try this Chiharu cafe next time I visit Singapore then.


Keropok Man said...

yeah, i went back there. Ya, Citi cards have 15% off. when we were there, one of the person served us last time asked if the whole group was coming back. hehe...

You should ;-)

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