Friday, June 26, 2009

Nutella @ my office desk

This morning, my colleague brought out some Nutella mini packs. She was so nice to offer me 1 pack too!

Wow! The last time I had this (in the form of little packs) was when I was a little kid. Most of the time you only see the ones in transparent plastic jars. Just few weeks ago, I saw gigantic jars as well.

I thought these were Thai made because of the Thai words, but realized that they are actually from Australia after I read the small prints.

Nutella small packs

See the smooth texture of this hazel nut snack? Wanna have some too?

Nutella small packs

I remember the plastic spoon. Look, still the same style!

Nutella small packs

Maybe it's just me not being observant when I walked the aisle of the supermarket. Do you see these small 20g packs around?

I just realized they have no cholesterol too!
(I 'bing' and found that out from Amazon! I did not know Amazon sells nutella too! lol)

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ice said...

Yummez! I think you can still find these small packs in neighbourhood supermarts like Econs. Try Giant or Shop & Save, they might be selling these. Why don't you ask your colleague?

Life for Beginners said...

Hehe, I agree... so cute. But me? I miss my 2kg/3kg jars of Nutella from Italy! :D

CUMI & CIKI said...

hello! oh so YOU are keropok man! little did ah know when i commented on your comment on FB! (the contest on LL's site!) anyway, i have just liked ya! :P ciki of cumi&ciki

Keropok Man said...


colleague saw it only once at Cold Storage at West Coast Plaza and it was not stocked anymore.

I realized today that 7 eleven do sell them, but individual ones, not the whole box like how my colleague got it. ;-)

how fast do you finish your 3 kg Nutella? hehe

Cumi & Ciki,
Hehe... Yes I am ;-)

Anonymous said...

I bought a box of 24 mini packs from Cold Storage in Nee Ann City 3 days ago.

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