Saturday, June 27, 2009

Cake Avenue @ Lorong Kilat

If you have follow this food diary, you would have realized that we celebrate lots of birthdays! Last Wednesday, we celebrated the birthday of our care group leader, Alex.

Sis bought the cake this time, and we kinda got tired of the usual cake we have. We ordered a cake from Cake Avenue instead. We self collected it. (They provide delivery to any part of the island for a charge). Look, it's nice blue ribbons!

Cake Avenue

If you have been buying cakes from the usual chain shop you buy cakes from, they don't ask "would you like a message on the cake?" They do here. So it's been some time since we have a personalized cake.

Cake Avenue

We had the 16cm Chocolate Fudge cake ($24). It was quite nice, very nice indeed. ;-)

Cake Avenue

Cake Avenue Pte Ltd
Main branch: 33 Lorong Kilat, Kilat Centre, #01-01, Singapore 598132.
Tel: 6877 9008

Branch: 56 Sembawang Road, Hong Heng Mansions, #01-06, Singapore 779086
Tel: 6554 0155

Cake Counter @ Mon Petit Pastry Bar: 110 Robinsons Road, HB Robinson, #01-02, Singapore 068902
Tel: 6220 2080


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