Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Tonkichi @ Shaw House / Isetan Scotts

Met with "Can Do" and "Gorilla" for dinner last weekend. Momo arranged it, and sis chose the place to eat. I just need to show up and eat! ;-)

We met at Isetan Scotts because there was some items that we are getting from the Isetan Sale. After getting them, we ate at Tonkichi.

At Tonkichi, the grinding and mixing the sesame seeds with the Tonkatsu sauce is always fun.

Sesame Seeds

This sauce is tasty with the meats. It smells good too!

12 June Update:
A note of thanks to "Spiderx" who emailed. He taught me that I should not use the wooden stick to mix the sauce. Oops! Putting this note here, so that others won't be ignorant and do the wrong thing too :-)

The wooden stick/pestle is for pounding the sesame seeds only. We are suppose to use our chopsticks to stir the tonkatsu sauce with the pounded sesame seeds. (Not with the wooden stick).

Mixing the sauce

Sis wanted something healthier, so she had the Udon Soup with Pork.

Udon Soup

It still comes with something fried, but it's potato croquette.

Potato Croquette

Plus salads.


Gorilla had the Father's Day Set. It has almost everything! Comes with Japanese beer.
Yes, the Father's Day set are available now!

Father's Day Set

"Can Do" had the Hire Katsu Set.


I had the Cold Ramen set. I think it's delicious as I like cold noodles ;-)

Cold Ramen

You can choose any katsu on the menu to go with it for the set. I also had another side that comes with my set. I took the chicken karaage.

Pork Katsu

All of ended our meals with very sweet watermelon. ;-)


It seems every Tonkichi serves a slightly different menu. We saw a notice saying that their new branch at Orchard Central is now opened. Took a peek on another day and see that the Orchard Central branch looks very nice!

Tonkichi @ Isetan Scotts
4th Level, Isetan Scotts
350 Orchard Road
Shaw House
Singapore 238868

Tel: 68354648
Fax: 68353148
Web: http://www.pokkafood.com.sg/tonkichi/

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Meg in Nelson said...

Yum yum, tonkatsu, one of Ben's absolute favorite food "groups".

Keropok Man said...

What is Ben's other fav good groups? hehe..

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