Monday, June 01, 2009

Cafe de Amigo @ Funan Digitalife Mall

Pardon me for the dim light photos. The place had 'romantic lights'.

This was dinner that Momo, 'Gorilla', 'Can Do' and I had few days ago. Gorilla was a bit depressed over some issues, so we 'ate it out' with him. But we realized, he did not really like it. Read on to find out...

Momo booked the table at Cafe de Amigo at Funan Centre. Yes, in an IT Mall. So, those of us who were early were looking at all the IT gadgets. Sigh. New gadgets come out so fast, we look at the things we have at home, they are all so so obselete. Sigh.. Don't you all think so?

We ordered a family meal. (Coincidently, we ate this last Friday which was the 'eat with your family day' lol...) The family meal allowed us to choose 2 starters.

The person who took our orders recommended the Escargot A la Bourguignon. The way it is done and appeared on "Pretty Women". Oops 1: Found out that Gorilla don't take snails and he would not try it. We liked it because of the chopped parsley, garlic, shallots and butter. :-)

Escargot A la Bourguignon

We were also recommended the Oyster Florentine. The spinach, cheese and oysters were delightful too! Oops 2: Gorilla don't eat them, and refuse to touch it too! Alamak!

Oyster Florentine

The meal came with seafood pasta. It was not too bad. Gorilla can eat this. LOL...

Seafood Pasta

The set meal came with a 1 kg rib. We requested medium for the doneness. Oops 3: We realised Gorilla don't like bloody stuff! So we ended cutting the parts that is more done for this plate before we ate the bloodier parts. LOL...

It was good though for the other 3 of us.

Beef Ribs

We liked the sides that came with it too. I like the caramelized onions with potato.

The family platter size

The set meals allowed us to choose 2 desserts as well.
We had the Normandy Apple Pie. Quite nice. It's so pretty too!

Normandy Apple Pie

The other dessert we had was the Tiramisu. They do it semi frozen, so it's nice and cold when you put it in your mouth. We all liked it! We could have more of this too!


The 3 of us were quite happy with the meal, but think our dear friend gorilla did not really enjoy it. But we were there as a listening ear. I think he enjoyed our company.

Our listening ears extended downstairs where we watched him eat Mcdonald's fries. (2 packs of it some more!) LOL

Cafe De Amigo
Funan Digitalife Mall
109 North Bridge Road
Singapore 179097

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Life for Beginners said...

I'm sure your friend Gorilla was glad for your company even if he didn't enjoy the food that much.

As for the escargot, I always imagined them as "Pretty Women Snails"! Hehehe...

Julia said...

I remember Cafe de Amigo way back to when they were at Specialist Shopping Centre. Wonder if they still do the snails in puff pastry? But our must-order is definitely the apple tart!

zs said...

Hey, I patronized them when they were at Specialist Shopping Centre too. I found the name familiar and was going to ask if it was the same place. The food's quite food from what I remember. I remember for one of our visit, we told them we were celebrating a friend's birthday, and they gave us a bottle of wine!

Celine said...

can i ask how much did the set dinner cost?

Keropok Man said...

Ya, Pretty Women snails. Can't remember where in that show it happened though. One day will rewatch the show. LOL

Ya, the apple tart was quite good. Very different from other apple tarts.

Time passes so fast, the whole specialist shopping centre is gone and a new building is up!

Oooo... we saw they had lots of bottles of wine there. Our family meal, we could add around $20 for a bottle of wine, but the 4 of us don't really drink. :-)

It think it was around $145.

Anonymous said...

The boss is very rude and unreasonable to his employees, not going back again.

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