Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Chiharu Sake Bar and Seasonal Specialties @ Bukit Timah Road

This was what we brought our Uncle and family to for Father's Day. Uncle and Aunt has been a great blessing to us, we were thinking what to treat them and thank them. We asked aunt what uncle would like to eat, after 'probing' a few days, aunt said uncle seems to have found new love for nice Japanese food.

So, looking back at the blog, (yes, I refer back to my own food diary to see what to eat. haha) I thought Chiharu sounds good. So we booked dinner for Saturday night.

We ordered some summer seasonal dinner sets and some a-la-carte items. We were recommended to order a few sets and order some a-la-carte instead of sets for everyone. So, today's post is the items that we ordered a-la-carte. Multiple items of some of the following.

After you ordered your food, you get this little cute cup with mushroom. They are delicious and it makes you hungry instantly!


We had Zensai, assorted appetizers decided by the chef. Two little squids, Japanese baby abalone, yam, and things that taste good that I don't know the name. ;-)

Zensai - Assorted Appetizer

Hizunamasu - Salmon white bone in sweet vinegar sauce.
This appetizer is also very nice.

Hizunamasu - salmon white bone in sweet vinegar dressing

Kabocha - Japanese pumpkin / winter squash. Inside the mashed pumpkin is minced meat bits. If you are a pumpkin person, you would like this! It taste so yummy!

Kabocha - Manjyo

Wagyu Amiyaki - the wagyu is oooo.......

Wagyu Amiyaki

Mategai - Razor Clams baked. It's spicy, creamy, savoury, etc, you can eat a few if it's not so expensive. LOL...


Macha Cheesecake. Super sour cherries on top, but the cheesecake is so fragrant with the macha taste. You would like it.

Macha Cheese Cake

Shall post the special seasonal summer dinner sets tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Chiharu Sake Bar and Seasonal Specialties
779 Bukit Timah Road
Singapore 269758
Tel: 6769 1929

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Camemberu said...

That is a gorgeous spread! Photos are lovely! Can't wait to see the sets...ah, I miss Chiharu...

Keropok Man said...

Ya, one of these days, we go back and eat in a big group again? hehe...

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