Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dinner @ Friend's House

Our Care Group got invited to one couple from the group's home for lunch. It was the couple's 1st wedding anniversary and we were really honoured to be able to share their joy with them. Congratulations DG and WC on your first anniversary!

They prepared lunch for us. It was a sumptuous lunch with home cooked food, that's not easily available in Singapore. (You'll see why later... )

WC's specialty, Kopi O Gau Pork Ribs. It was very good that it disappeared almost instantly!

Kopi O Gao Pork Ribs

I said not easily available because we got to try more Indonesian food. It's not the usual Indonesian food you eat in restaurants. Previously DG prepared some Surabaya food (in this previous post), this time there's food from other Indonesian islands.

This is Indonesian Otak Otak. They looked like the local nyonya kueh.

Otak Otak

But when you open it up, it's definitely not any nyonya kueh you see.
This is how the Indonsian Otak Otak looks. For a fish lover, fish cakes are always lovely to me. ;-)

Otak Otak

The next dish is a Sulawesi dish. It's called Nyuknyang (in the Makassar language).
They looked like our usual meat ball soup ya?

Nyuknyang (In Makasa, Sulawesi language)

But when you take a look close up, you see the outer layer looks soft and chewy. The texture is really different. Very chewy indeed! It's cooked with vegetable soup.

Nyuknyang (In Makasa, Sulawesi language)

This is Rawon. (Surabaya Beef Stew) DG prepared this before. It's very tedious work to prepare this as he had to cook it a day earlier.


For those who are not used to dishes from the various Indonesian islands, there's Japanese curry. ;-) Sis liked DG's version of Japanese curry very much!

Japanese Curry

The fresh salads to go with all the food above.


Salad greens

The salad goes with DG's collection of very exquisite olive oil and balsamic vinegar. These small little bottles are expensive!

DG's collection of exquisite olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Congratulations again DG and WC.
We are wondering... Junior coming soon? ;-)

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Anonymous said...

Greetings from Canada

I found this post very intriguing because I have never Indonesian food like those in the post before. The fish cake (otak otak) looks delicious and the meat balls too.

DG seems to buy his olive oil from a bulk supplier. Seems like he brings his bottle, supplier pours into his bottle and write the size (250ml) and expiry date. Just a guess, I could be wrong.


Anonymous said...

I think i would like the fish cake and meat balls.

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