Wednesday, July 29, 2009

English Restaurant and Bar @ Sloane Court Hotel

While everyone seems to be going to the newest places to eat, I seem to be visiting a few places that are 'ancient' in Singapore standards. These places have been around so long, they have outlived most restaurants in Singapore.

Uncle and Aunt called us out for dinner. Aunt did not feel like cooking and wanted something different. Something old and very traditional. We came to Sloane Court Hotel's English Restaurant and Bar.

You see modern condominiums surrounding this place. Looking at it, it reminds us of Fraser's Hill in Malaysia. Or motels in Australia to me. LOL

Sloane Court Hotel

When you go in, you'll see the walls with old English deco. It has stuff that you know what Mel Gibson wears on Braveheart. You should visit to see how it looks. Maybe for tea?

After looking at the menu and can't really decide what to eat, we had 3 set meals and 2 ala-carte items. The set meals had coleslaw. It looks simple, taste simple, but it is nice. Very different from KFC's version.


Plain warm buns. Old style buns, not the Breadtalk generation kind of buns.

Warm Buns

Also part of the set, mushroom soup.
For me, I think I like modern style mushroom soup. ;-p

Mushroom Soup

Uncle's favourite. He like the traditional Ox-tail stew here.

Ox Tail Stew

Aunt had the Encik Kabin.
You realise the food here is 'boringly' traditional British? haha.. Served with boiled carrots and peas. The potatoes are whole potatoes, cut into pieces and deep fried.

Encik Kabin

Sis and I both ordered the sirloin steak.
Yes, they prepared the 'done'-ness as specified. It was quite good.

Cousin had the ala-carte version which is not the set, it was Garlic Steak.
Ala-carte version comes on the sizzling hot place. Sets are served on the usual whites. ;-)


Dessert was ice cream with tea or coffee.

Chocolate and Vanilla Ice Cream

It was a nice dinner. Having food like this, we started to talk about our aunts, uncles, cousins, our sis and bro in UK. Suddenly miss our bro. Does he miss us? LOL...

We were wondering how the budget flight to UK on AirAsia X from KL will be like. Anyone tried it? We have never travel long distance on budget airlines.

English Restaurant and Bar
Sloane Court Hotel
17 Balmoral Road
(Off Stevens Road, Off Bukit Timah Road)
Singapore 259803

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ice said...

So old school... you're old school lol. :)

Anonymous said...


How much is the stew, steak etc?

Regards, Pentel

fatkuraprincess said...

Went there when I was small. I have been finding it for years. Both me & my dad thought it was gone!thanx!

Keropok Man said...

haha.. I wonder how old this place is. The food's very simple, and yet it survives longer than most place. Hmmm..

The sets were around $20 on average.

Was it somewhere else previously? Anyway, you found it :-) it's still around.

LeAnne said...

Your entry reminds me of the Mariner's corner at cantonment.. simple fare with ala shaslik waiter.. the ship at shaw... time to revisit!

Airasia kl-london.. this blog entry describes it very nicely ..

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