Thursday, July 23, 2009

Seah Street Deli @ Raffles Hotel

This was the second part of the Sushi Tei lunch I posted a few days ago. After that nice meal, some people (OK, it's the ladies) wanted to continue chatting. The same people also wanted to have some drinks and ice cream.

We browsed their menu again, and did not find anything that fancy the picky taste buds of the ladies. :-P We thought we would ask the servers that was serving us, if they knew any place that sells ice cream. Guess the answer? "I think 7-Eleven nearby should have" was the reply! LOL!!!!

Yours truly then suggested Raffles Creamery. I told them you can sit at Seah Street Deli and order the ice cream from Raffles Creamery, so that you will still have an air conditioned place to chat. :-)

Half the people migrated over to Raffles Hotel.

Seah St Deli

We could have eaten these if we did not have a very full lunch just before our visit. ;-)

Seah St Deli

OK. Here's some of the drinks.
This is Pineapple something that some had. (haha.. I really forgot who had it)

Pineapple Something?

I ordered something that sounded really weird.
Pink Flamingo! hehe... Very refreshing on the super hot Saturday afternoon. It's very very sweet!

Pink Flamingo

For some people, on hot days, they will still drink hot coffee. I know many people are like this. (eg. my mum's one of them.)


The (I think it was) 8 ladies that came along were yakking away, talking about shoes, handbags, iPhones (it was that launched weekend), holidays (one went to Spain) etc.

The 4 guys had to move the mouth too. Guess how did the guys do it? We ordered food so that we can move our mouths too! LOL

We ordered wedges. These are quite delicious wedges!

Potato Wedges

We also had their fiery fries. The spicier version of it. (They had two kinds)
We finished the two bowls of it. Even after our lunch!

Fiery Fries

We gave 'gorilla' a surprise! We secretly ordered this big slice of cake for him.

The kind folks at Seah Street Deli played a "Happy Birthday" song over the sound system. The cake was brought out with a candle and 'gorilla' was so embarrassed! (everyone in the restaurant turned over to look and clapped.)

Oh man. His face turned so so so red! For all of us that knew 'gorilla', we all know he is very thick skin and never blushes. This time, we caught him totally off guard. LOL

(Photo not posted here for his privacy. Those friends who wants to see it, log in to Facebook. It will be there soon)

The cake's nice. Very chocolatery, and the cherry cream makes it very unique. I think the rest of us ate more than half of it for him. Cakes are something the ladies liked. (compared to fries and wedges)

Chocolate Cherry Cake

Hey, what happened to the ice cream? I shall post it tomorrow ok?

Seah Street Deli
Raffles Hotel Singapore
1 Beach Road
Singapore 189673

Tel: (65) 6412 1816

Sunday to Thursday and Public Holiday - 11.00 am to 10.00 pm
Friday, Saturday and eve of Public Holiday - 11.00 am to 11.00 pm

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ladyironchef said...

my friend also tried to "surprise" me by ordering the cake secretly, but i could guess what they were doing from the hush-hush look on their faces, so when the staff brought the "birthday cake" out, i wasn't that surprise. haha

Keropok Man said...

You are younger and more sharp. This friend of ours is getting OLD. LOL....

Camemberu said...

ha i didn't know they had spicy fries! i was just there on sunday!

Keropok Man said...

they have! we saw it on the 'newspaper' kind of menu. Like their menu! :-)

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