Monday, July 13, 2009

E-Sarn Thai Cuisine @ Sixth Avenue

This was dinner few days ago. Momo wanted to eat some Thai food. We did not want to travel too far. E-Sarn Thai Cuisine is not too far away from her house. So Momo, Gorilla and I settled for a quick dinner here.

The place was packed! It was good that we were there early. There were still available seats. Those who came 20 mins after us had to wait for tables or share tables. It seems that it might be good to reserve a table if you are coming here. They were so busy, it will take some time to entertain you after you get seated down.

Momo ordered the following for us. Thai Chicken Feet Salad. These boneless chicken feet were not too bad. But be careful of the spicy cili padi in it if you can't take spicy food. ;-) They were quite flavourful.

Chicken Feet Salad

This is beef with basil. Most people said the basil beef is nice here, but maybe the kitchen was a bit busy when we were there. Our beef was a bit tough, i.e. overcooked.

Beef with Basil

This grilled chicken however saved the previous dish. When we ordered this, we were told it will take 20 mins. They had to slowly grill it. It's worth the wait, as the 3 of us liked this grilled chicken dish. Crispy outside and it was quite flavourful inside.

Grilled Chicken

Baby Kailan that we ordered. Quite ordinary.

Stir Fried Kailan

We realised that we might have ordered the wrong things. We only got 2 above that we liked.

Now after doing an online search, if we come again, we would want to try the Nam Tok (Waterfall Beef) and their Grilled Pork (Kor Mu Yang) and what we saw the next table had, the Prawn with Tang Hoon.

E-Sarn Thai Cuisine
20 Sixth Avenue
Singapore 276479
Tel: 6462 5608

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Anonymous said...

Greetings from Canada

Delicious... The beef with basil, grilled chicken makes me hungry :)


Combover said...

Think you did order the wrong dishes. Most Thais would order krapao with pork or chicken, rather than beef, baby gai lan is typical Singaporean rather than Thai, and chicken feet whilst commonly available is not such a staple dish in Thailand.

This type of grilled chicken is typical Isaan though, so good call on that. Larb or nam tuk are good choices there too.

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