Friday, July 17, 2009

Sushi Tei @ China Square Central

This was our lunch last Saturday. Around 20 of us celebrated our friend "Gorilla's" birthday. We had lunch at Sushi Tei because most of us wanted Japanese. (haha.. what kind of friends are we? We did not ask him what he likes, but we chose the location by majority? Democracy? LOL)

We sat at two different tables because there's no way they can 'join' tables to get one big enough for all of us. It was also this place is convenient as we all had Bible Study classes nearby just before lunch.

It's just going to be a single post, not multiple posts with all the food we ate. It's just photo of food of people sitting just beside us.

The Sake Clams Soup. Momo said she wants to have this. So we shared this with two other friends beside us.

Sake Clams

We also shared these lovely giant scallops. I think the salty sauce over it has got me addicted to it!


I had the Cold Ramen. Cold and refreshing indeed.

Cold Noodles

Momo had cold chasoba with salmon. Looks good too ya?

Salmon on Chasoba

MsHometeam was beside us and she had the Beef Sukiyaki.
Nice slices of beef.....

Beef Sukiyaki

Egg for the soup...

Beef Sukiyaki

The steaming hot (you can see the steam ya!) of stock that you cook the beef in. She had it with a bowl of rice. Looks good ya.

Beef Sukiyaki

Happy Birthday Gorilla!
Wishing you all the best as you work towards getting your PhD.
(Sure you want to take up PhD? Head damage oh!)

Sushi Tei @ China Square Central
20 Cross Street
China Square Central
Singapore 048422

Tel: +65 6223 0070
Fax: +65 6223 6789
Hours: 11.30am to 10.00pm daily (last order 9.30pm)

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tigerfish said...

Just had sukiyaki at Sushi Tei last week near East Coast!

Hamster said...

Hi! Love your blog - I subscribe using RSS and I love the pictures and reviews.

Just a small note on sukiyaki - the egg is served separately as it has a specific function. Instead of pouring it into the soup (I used to do that), beat it in the bowl it is in. Then cook a slice of beef, and once it's done to your liking, dip the beef while hot into the egg, and then eat it like that.

I found that out on Japan Hour. :)

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