Monday, July 27, 2009

Prince Coffee House @ Coronation Plaza

Last Tuesday, it was our colleague, Pirate's birthday. We asked the birthday boy what he wanted us to treat him to for lunch. His 1st and 2nd choices were located very far away. It was also very famous. (aka expensive haha).

We don't mind treating him those famous places but we are really too busy at work. So we asked him, to pick somewhere not so far. He chose a place near Coronation Plaza. We took a cab there and found it was closed. So we thought we will just walk inside Coronation Plaza to take a look.

He saw this place called Prince Coffee House. We thought we shall just try it out.
We walked in and thought that the place was frozen in time, maybe for 25 years maybe? We loved it though. We saw this antique looking cash register and was fascinated by it!

Antique Cash Register

We took a look at the menu and was staring at it wondering what to order. Dpuk was naughty and said, hey, look at the "Today's Special", has the today special been around for the last 10 years? LOL..

We decided that we should just ask the 2 ladies who seated us to recommend the dishes. We decided to order a-la-carte and share a communal meal.

Although it was Pirate's birthday, Old Cat was stating what he liked and we just ordered his favourites! Old Cat has this fascination for bitter gourd and the lady recommended Bittergourd with Sliced Fish.

Good choice. It was very nicely done. Bitter gourd's soft and not really bitter. Fish slices was also quite generous. Very home cooked feeling to it and everyone loved it.

Bittergourd with Sliced Fish

We were also told their specialty is Hainanese Pork Chop.
Another spot on order. The pork was tender and the chips on it tasted especially good with the sauce.

Hainanese Pork Chop

We also had a 'tie pan tofu'. Look at the ingredients on the Seafood Tofu hot plate. Lots of stuff on it ya?

Seafood Tofu on Hot plate

We had a Kailan with Beef dish too.
The beef is very tender and the veg not overcooked.

We found out later that many people come here to have their Beef Hor Fun. They prepare their Beef dishes very well it seems.

Kailan with Beef

We ordered sambal ladies fingers, something you rarely see on menus in most places.
We were kinda disappointed when they told us, the kitchen had no more ladies fingers and we had it replaced with kangkong.

Sambal Kangkong

The last dish we had was Black Pepper Prawns.
We think it tasted nice. It was hot and peppery but it was not too overwhelming.

Black Pepper Prawns

It was a nice meal. It was a nice 'ancient' looking place too, which is quite a charm. Look at the plates, I think some of you might have them in your parent's place right? The classic plates in our parent's era. We were wondering was it a young cook or an experienced cook?

The total bill came up to $169.80.
We had 7 of us who ate it and was quite satisfying. We might have over ordered, but we were hungry people.

Prince Coffee House
587 Bukit Timah Road
Coronation Shopping Plaza
Singapore 269700

Tel: 6468 2088

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Anonymous said...

I know this place! been there before..
the food is quite okay..
if i remember correctly, the ladies were also in v "old fashioned" uniforms? =x

Camemberu said...

So quaint! I love the cash register!

Looks very delicious. But six dishes nearly $170?

Lyrical Lemongrass said...

Aiyoh, my mum has those plates too.

Keropok Man said...

ya ya, the two ladies are in their 'special' uniforms. :-)

Ya, it's like going into the 60s or 70s when you step in. Very different.

Ya, it was $170 for 6 dishes. They are not bad. It's a 'Coffee House', so it has the 'Coffee House' price. :-)

Lyrical Lemongrass,
Got to keep those plates! You don't get them anymore!

Anonymous said...

Prince has been around for decades! It was a staple for students from schools around the area with their $6 set lunches. (or is it 6.50 now?)

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