Saturday, July 04, 2009

Ju Shin Jung Korean Charcoal BBQ @ YESS Centre (II)

Continuation from yesterday's post.

We were told by some friends that those side meals are not fill up your tummy. They are to be eaten as side dishes to complement the mains. But, just like most people in Singapore, we just eat them like mini mains. They are so tasty right? The more you eat them, the more you want it!

What else did we eat? We each ordered a set meal, but being a birthday celebration, some of us wanted more food. (We are like gluttons aren't we?) A few colleagues came out with a list of things to order, but we knew it's going to be too much food, so we compromised to cut it down to 3 items.

Here's what we shared: The Kimchi Pancake. Some of us liked it, some seemed to be disgusted by it. LOL I think it's quite unique though. ;-)

Kimchi Pancakes

The Beef Tongue.

Our order of Beef Tongue (WOOSUL)

The server cooked it for us. When the beef tongue's cooking, our human tongues was wiping our lips. It was smelling very good.

The Beef Tongue being grilled

It not only smell good, it tasted good. The word tongue might just put some of you off, but you should try it. It has a very nice texture. Dip it with the sauces provided and you will like it.

Grilled Beef Tongue

We also shared the Pork Belly.
(A colleague said you can take away the Ginseng Soup, but you can't take away the Pork Belly. LOL)

Pork Belly (SAMGYUB)

Here it is being grilled on the BBQ. The server will then cut it using the scissors into smaller pieces.

Pork Belly on the BBQ

It shrinks! We were gasping when we saw the meat getting smaller. haha...
The fat's melting away, giving it a pleasing aroma.

Delicious Pork Belly being grilled

A few minutes later, it is ready! You eat it by wrapping it with the salad (2 photo of yesterday's post, the photo with the long plate with lots of greens). Add it with the sauces and it taste absolutely yummilicious!.

Grilled Pork Belly

Two sauces that each one has.

Sauce / Dips for the Grilled Meats

Enough calories for today's post. (LOL!)
Will post the set meals we had for the next post.

[Side distraction]
Those Korean drama lovers, are you all addicted to this new Korean drama on TV? It is called Grand Chef 食客. (link is to Starhub TV) Sis and I are getting addicted to it. Everytime there's a Korean Drama that's food related, we seemed to be yearning for Korean Food. LOL

It's showing very late at night on the weekends, so we are watching it via Video On Demand (VOD) on more sane hours. (For those who don't know, if you subscribe to certain channels, you get VOD free, the show on VV Channel is one of them.)

Ju Shin Jung Korean Charcoal BBQ
Yess Centre
27 West Coast Highway
Singapore 117867

Tel: 6464 0872

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