Monday, July 06, 2009

Ju Shin Jung Korean Charcoal BBQ @ YESS Centre (III)

Ok, the final installment of the Korean Food we had.

Here are the set meals we had. Sometimes we wonder how we managed to eat up everything! The sets comes with rice too. Sets costs around $10 I think.

Here's what we had:
Mrs JSFR had the Deep Fried Saba Fish. Looks good ya?

Deep Fried Saba Fish

Dpuk one of the birthday boy had the Spicy Chicken Soup.

Spicy Chicken Soup

Three colleagues had this. The Dolsot Bibimbap. They always look good right? Another of the birthday boy, "wire" had this.


Yet another birthday boy, "Old Cat" had the Clear Beef Soup.
He was just raving about how tender the beef is. hehe..

Clear Beef Soup

I had something totally different. Cold Noodle with Soup.
Hmm, this has got to be an acquired taste. LOL. The noodles are extremely chewy! It looks like 'mee suah', but it has the texture of super super 'q' noodles. The soup's icy cold too! There's a slice of meat (hidden below the egg) and a slice of pear! How unique.

Cold Noodle with Soup

To end it all, we had heart shaped watermelon.

Heart Shaped Watermelon

Plus the cloudy rice soup. What Dpuk always say, water from rinsed rice. (haha)
This ShikHye is sweeter here the ones we tasted elsewhere. The cold and sweet taste is really nice.

Sweet Soup

After the meal, it was the reveal. When we came, 'Wire' had tricked 'WP' that these are Korean mints. Pop it in your mouth after the meal. lol... (We managed to keep ourselves from laughing for so long!)

Paper Towel

When it's ready to eat the mint, 'we are to pour water' over the mint.
And the mint expanded into a mini wet towel. LOL...
'WP' and 'Dpuk' did not use theirs, and brought it back to entertain (or tricked) their wives and children. LOL...

Paper Towel

Happy Birthday to Old Cat, Dpuk and Wire.

For those asking how much it was, the meal's $180.45 all inclusive.
It's for 7 set meals, plus 3 a-la-carte dishes.

Ju Shin Jung Korean Charcoal BBQ
Yess Centre
27 West Coast Highway
Singapore 117867

Tel: 6464 0872

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CT said...

IMPRESSIVE MEAL....! i like the wet towel bit. how big does it get? never seen that one b4.

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