Friday, July 03, 2009

Ju Shin Jung Korean Charcoal BBQ @ YESS Centre (I)

This was our birthday celebration for 3 colleagues. We have been planning to visit a place where all of us have not gone to for the longest time. After some time, we all decided to visit Ju Shin Jung Korean Charcoal BBQ for a nice Korean meal.

We have been impressed with their selection of side dishes when we visited before. (Can't verify if it's true, but we thought there used to have even more kinds of side dishes last time. We did not take photos the last time!)

But we tonguues were stimulated by the Pumpkin Soup that was served not long after we sat down. It's nice! So sweet and fragrant.

Pumpkin Soup

Then all the salads and side dishes started arriving...
This salad is for the BBQ meats.

Salad for the BBQ Meat

All of us got this onions starters. I kinda like this. (I am an onion guy! haha).
Some colleagues did not even touch a single slice of onion. LOL

Onions Pickles

Each one also had a bowl of this cold savoury and sweetish soup. I also liked this. The more you eat this, the more your appetite increases!

Cold Starters

Then the side dishes started appearing. The Kimchi Tofu that's really good.

Kimchi Tofu

The Kimchi Cabbage. This is the more 'raw' version of the kimchi.

Kimchi Cabbage

Kimchi Cucumber is always so tasty!

Kimchi Cucumber

The only vegetable on the table that's not pickled. Someone actually asked if they have the big head sprouts. But they don't serve it here.

Non pickle veg!!

Ah.. Kimchi oh Kimchi...


Can't show everything individually. There are other things you can see here.

Our table full of only side dishes!

The other side of the table. By just eating the side dishes before the main dishes came, we were already full!

One other colleague also turned food photographer that day. He was testing out his new lenses. ;-) He's the guy standing up. Love his wide angle lense that could take the whole table's view from the top. (I can only take two separately.)

Our table full of only side dishes!

There's so many things, I can break this post into 3 parts! LOL

Ju Shin Jung Korean Charcoal BBQ
Yess Centre
27 West Coast Highway
Singapore 117867

Tel: 6464 0872

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Eileen. 静 said...

hi hi..just wondering how much is it per person for a meal like yours there :) thanks!

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