Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Rong Teochew Fish Porridge @ Amoy Street Food Centre

This was lunch with some BSF friends at Amoy Street Food Centre last Saturday.

Dino and Momo wanted to eat the Raw Fish Porridge at the Food Centre, so all of us decided to just sit in front of the stall itself.

Rong Teochew Fish Porridge at Amoy Street Food Centre

They ordered a two person portion of the raw fish porridge. $6.
Fish porridge that has so much greens on top is quite unusual eh?

Two Persons portion of Raw Fish

They had a bowl of the plain porridge each.
Hmm... How can plain porridge look delicious? By adding some chopped parsley and fried onions on top. haha..

Porridge with little bit of toppings

I ate Curry Rice, but after finishing my rice, I saw Dino and Momo were still slowly enjoying their raw fish. Staring at their plate of fish made me hungry. (What a glutton! I hear some of you say)

Guess what? I ordered a single portion of the same raw fish. $3
I was tempted by it. (Excuse was the Curry Rice was not substantial)

Single Person portion of Raw Fish

I also had the plain porridge as well. Dino and Momo ate the raw fish and the porridge separately. For me, I mix the fish and veg with the lime. Gave it a good stir and then I stirred the mix into my hot porridge. That gentle heat on the porridge made the mix smell really good! hehe...

Porridge with little bit of toppings

Our friend Gorilla was with us too. He was also eating Curry Rice. He was also hungry after his curry rice and when he saw me ordering the fish, he too was tempted.

He ordered a single portion too, but without porridge. He and MrMFA picked on the raw fish. Everyone was happy. ;-p

How do you eat your raw fish? You mix them like me? Or you eat them separately like Dino and Momo?

Rong Teochew Fish Porridge
Stall 01-12
Amoy Street Food Centre
MND Building Annexe B
7 Maxwell Road
Singapore 069111

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Wire said...

Raw!! It's a crime to cook perfectly good fish...

Keropok Man said...

yup, u are a sashimi lover!

Camemberu said...

Wah you make me feel like eating porridge now!
And I don't even like porridge usually...

Julia said...

Hey, I'd also dunk the fish in hot porridge to "poach" it, cos i dun eat raw fish.

Good fish will still taste good when cooked! :D

alicesg said...

Oh I love the fish with the porridge.

Anonymous said...

yummy o lala!~

Keropok Man said...

hehe.. then just get the fish without the porridge. ;-p

yey, we think alike ;-)
Good fish will taste good.

if u are at that area, u should try.

yummy yummy indeed!

Zannnie said...

eat it together! :)

(fresh) raw fish...oh i missed it :)

DeepDarkAbyss said...

What kind of raw fish is that?

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