Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy One Month Ian!

Congratulations to ZS and DB on the 1 month old celebration of Ian. Many of us colleagues really love the so so so cute baby photo on the invite and also on FB. The baby looks so peaceful sleeping and posing for the photo! Looks very ZS too! ;-)

Here's what ZS passed to us colleagues in the office. (in exchange of the Ang Pow. haha...)
What a nice box!

Happy one month Ian!

When we opened the box, it was 4 little cupcakes that looks so pretty and appetizing!

The box of cupcakes

Don't you think it might be too cute to eat it up?
A duck swimming on water...

Duck on water..



Oh look! There are little white and red and pink hearts on the cupcake!

Look there are small little hearts!

We were wondering. Will the cupcake taste good?
Oh yes it did! This is the cupcake out of the container.

The chocolate was not too overpowering. It was also moist.

The cupcake out of the cup

If you are searching for cupcakes, maybe you can read ZS blog about how he ended up choosing the different cupcakes. ;-)

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Meg in Nelson said...

Oh, so cute, and a lot of work!

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