Thursday, July 09, 2009

Five Star Kampong Chicken Rice @ Cheong Chin Nam Road

This was dinner with a group of Year 12 / Pre-U friends just the other week. We used to meet every month, but everyone got busy with so many things, we did not have time to meet up. So we decided to meet up again.

While thinking of where to go, there was this repeated food programme on TV that help me decide. It was one where Fiona Xie and Gurmit Singh was on. Gurmit was introducing his favourite Chicken Rice from Five Star. OK lah! Since Gurmit likes it, we like it to! haha..

There were 11 adults and 3 kids this time. Some could not make it last minute, a family was on home quarantine, one just delivered a newborn baby, etc... But there's this big tables available at Five Star. So big and round that the table can fit all of us!

Those who were early did the ordering. We just flipped through the menu and decided on what to eat by what gets our eye's attention. So here's what we ate:

We had "half half". Half a Roast Kampung Chicken.

Five Star "Roast" Kampung Chicken

And half a 'White' Kampong Chicken.
We realise that the white chicken is more popular! When the white chicken's gone, there's still half the 'roast' ones.

Five Star "White" Kampung Chicken

The Salad You Tiao. Medium Portion.
Fried You Tiao always seem to a hit eh?

Salad You Tiao

When we ordered the Thai Style Crystal Chicken Feet, some were skeptical that anyone will eat it. So we ordered a small portion of it. Well, the skeptics did like it and were converted! If you never tried chicken feet before, try it!

Thai Style Crystal Chicken Feet

Ngo Hiang Prawn Rolls. The kids can eat it too.

Ngo Hiang Prawn Rolls

Sweet Potato Leaves with Garlic. Another dish that when you order, always suits most people's tastes.

Sweet Potato Leaves with Garlic

We thought we would order some seafood, so we had the cereal prawns. We took cereal prawns so that the kids can eat it too.

Cereal Prawn

The Hainanese Mei Cai with Braised Pork. OK lah...

Hainanese Mei Cai with Braised Pork

The Fried Sotong. Sorry for the blurish looking photo.
It's not too bad. The sotong was not that chewy. But I think a few minutes more it will. Some pieces were on the 'border line' cases. haha..

Fried Sotong

It was great to meet up with everyone again. It seems the next meeting date has been confirmed too! See you all at the next outing!

Five Star Kampong Chicken Rice
6/7 Cheong Chin Nam Road
Singapore 599732

Tel: 6466 3000
Hours: Daily, 10.00 AM - 12 Midnight

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Anonymous said...

Kudos to white chicken! It is lots juicier and tastier :-)

Rasa Malaysia said...

Can you tell the difference between kampung chicken and steroid chicken? I can't really tell other than the kampung chicken is a lot skinnier and the meat is very "jun" (hokkien) - elastic.

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