Monday, February 22, 2010

Birthday Party - Swensen's Ice Cream Cake & Domino's Pizza

Recently, my sis organised a birthday party for an 8 year old at our home. The boy is the youngest son of a member of the choir that sis conducts. The boy likes to come to our place. (to play Nintendo Wii. He has a set at home too, but always loses to his older brothers, so he wants to play with us who are not so good, so can always win! haha)

The little boy invited a few friends over and their parents over as well. It was a Wii Party. The main attraction was Wii Fit!

The little boy knows what he wants to the birthday cake. So sis ordered the cake as specified by the boy. A Winnie the Pooh Ice Cream cake from Swensen's. It's a huge ice cream cake!

Ice Cream Cake from Swensens

It's a very easy to organise party. Kids love pizza and so the birthday boy and his brother used sis' netbook to order the pizza they want. We ordered from Domino's since we live near to one!

We were glad we ordered from Domino's. Their pizza arrived very fast and it was nice!
I think this is called Extravaganzza. I like this one.


The Hawaiian Paradise. I had a small slice of it, it was good too.

Hawaiian Paradise

The Classic Pepperoni. Hmm kids eat pepperonis now? That's cured pork beef salami right?
You are constantly surprise by kids nowadays!


This is so so 'wrong'. You know what they ordered?
It's a half-half. (Sis told us, had to pay extra for half-half) It's half vegetarian and half meat!

It's Very Veggie with Meatzza! I laughed when I saw this.

Half & Half - Very Veggie & Meatzza

The kids sure enjoyed themselves picking what they want to eat.
The Garlic Cheese Onion Rings. This is so so lah...

Garlic Cheese Onion Rings

They also had two packs of wings. This is the BBQ Wing.

The other pack is the Hot & Spicy Wings. Oh, that one is full of vinegar and the kids said yuks! when they put it in their mouth. LOL... Their parents have to finish it.

We got an advice for another kid (I think he's only 6) in the party. He said, Pizza from Domino's is nice, but their chicken wings are horrible. You want chicken wings, order from Pizza Hut. Is it true?

BBQ Wings

The Cinnastix. This is ok, very cinnamon-ish, but very oily too! Look at the box!


This is the Breadstix. So so, for carbo lovers only! (I am not a huge fan of it haha)


The Twisty bread. I was too full, enjoyed eating the pizza I did not touch this at all! I wonder how it tasted!

Twisty Bread

It was a fun time with the little kids. All the carbo was burnt off while playing Wii Fit!

My colleagues have been saying Domino's pizzas are nice. I guess it's true!

The other day, on the 2nd day of CNY, Momo ordered Domino's. Their delivery took 1.5 hours to arrive and guess what, their pizza was free!

Ice Cream Cake from Swensen's Holland Village.
251 Holland Avenue, Singapore 278981
Tel: 6467 1825

Domino's Pizza from Domino's Bukit Timah.
8 Chun Tin Road, Singapore 599595.
Tel: 6222 6333

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*Harris said...

I always feel hungry reading your posts haha!

By the way, I think Domino's is Halal so it can't be pork salami surely. Probably beef or turkey?

Seems so many pple are raving about Domino's, over its Pizza Hut counterpart.

Keropok Man said...

Thanks for the correction. Was told it is beef. Changed it in the blog. :-)

Ya, but chicken wings from pizza hut is still nicer! LOL...

Dutchie said...

The B-day cake is so very lovely. I want one !

The meting cheese on the pizza's makes me drool :-I Over the weekend I clean out the fridge n use the old cheese for a pizza but it did not completely melt. Learn my lesson liao. Better stick to young cheese in the future !

R there frozen pizza's in SG ? Here it is a common sight in the supermart but they r a total disappointment. The fillings r so, so anorexic !

Keropok Man said...

Come back next time during your birthday and get one! :-)

Yes, there are frozen pizzas in Spore. Most supermarkets have them. But I never bought any of them before!

You can always add in more of your own ingredients if they are anorexic right? They will be even better!

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