Friday, April 16, 2010

The Handburger, 313@Somerset

Momo and I went to The HandBurger to try out their Gourmet Burgers few days ago.

It was pretty interesting! The food was served in a huge 'ping-ping bat' lookalike wooden coaster.

The HandBurger Original

Both of us had The Handburger Original. $7.80.
I loved those caramelized onions! The meat patty was definitely tastier and thicker than the ones by Golden Arches company.

The greens was so fresh and it does look as if it's freshly harvested eh?

The HandBurger Original Set

When you order the burger, you have the option to 'top-up' with sides dishes and a drink.
Momo had the $4 top-up, which she chose the onion rings from a list of sides. She had hot green tea to go with it.

They taste a little spicy which was kinda nice.

Onion Rings

I had the $6 top up which gave me the option of choosing Buffalo Winglets amongst 3 other choices.
I had it with ice green tea.

They were spicy according to Momo. I was not feeling very well that day, so my tastebuds were not 100% working. I thought it was just slightly spicy. ;-)

Buffalo Winglets

Other choices of burgers and sides are available at their website:

Another location to add to your own list of better burgers.

The Handburger
313 Orchard Road
Singapore 238895

Hours: 11.30AM - 10.00PM daily.

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Kenny Mah said...

Initially, I thought the "Handburger" meant they were gonna serve those burgers by hand... :P

Anonymous said...

seems that you're not feeling very good recently...get well soon! Thanks for all your wonderful posts.

Unknown said...


They were served and prepared by lovely hands. Is that why they tasted so lovely?

Thanks. I think I have not been getting enough sleep!

I got to sleep more! Maybe the weather too...

Joey Anna said...

I think they cook it well, nice presentation and everything, but not that special. I wouldn't pay restaurant price to eat burgers from there... They have good desserts though.

R Burger is the one to try. =) More impressive, although it's only a tiny stall at Ion.

eBizIntel said...

Stumbled upon this page while going thru the referrals for
Great Pix and a very comprehensive food blog.
Have you signed up for their Fanatics Card?

Unknown said...


I have not tried their desserts. I should go back and try it eh? ;-p

No, we did not sign up.

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