Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Ricciotti - Italian Deli and Pastry

Last nite, it was Tuesday night again, a bunch of it after our BSF meeting, went to have something to eat. Not ice cream like last week, but we went to have Italian Desserts. 9 of us, and ordered 8 desserts to share. I shall not show the other food we ordered, desserts will do. LOL...

This is the tiramisu. Oh so yummy... Sorry ah, hands blur, so pic not so clear.

I have no idea what's the name of the following few desserts. Forgive me. But its delicious!

The hands behind is impatient, wanting to eat it and can't wait for this lousy photographer whose taking his own sweet time. Great looking desserts?

Break this and inside there's chocolate flowing out.

This is pretty eh? With cinnamon stick and star anise.

That creme with banana inside, wrapped with choc! See the background thumbs up?

This is my favourite! It's I think vanilla creme below and the choc cup is fab!

And Creme Brulee.

It's fun to go out in a group and order things to share. We're cheapo, we came here because it was already late, and you know, after certain hours, prices are halved! All these desserts, each of us paid SGD3 only. That's 1.5 Euro, USD2, MYR6.80, AUD2.50, £1 (Nowadays have to convert, people always ask how much in their currencies) Worth it ya...

But come here during normal hours, its worth paying full price too. hehe...

Ricciotti - Italian Deli and Pastry
The Riverwalk
20 Upper Circular Rd #B1-49 Singapore 058416

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Anonymous said...

Wah...everything(almost) is CHOCOLATE! and somemore so cheap..where is this place?? The tiramisu looks divinely heavenely ! Think the 3rd one is Chocolate Profiteroles...

Rasa Malaysia said...

KM - are you a professional eater? ;)

You always eat very good food everyday...aiyo, those cakes and sweet things are killing me. :(

Shilpa said...

Keropok, last time there used to be a North Indian restaurant at this location isn't it? Wah, kenah replaced by Riccioti ar?

Ming the Merciless said...

OMG!! S$3/US$2 for those desserts? I will die of a coronary heart attack there!!!

I love desserts! My favorite is the molten lava chocolate cake served with vanilla ice cream. Basically, it's an individual serving chocolate cake that is baked for a short while (like 10 minutes) so the outside harden into a cake but the inside is still gooey and soft. It is always served HOT with a scoop of ice cream. US$8.

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