Monday, February 05, 2007

Heng Hua Food: Pu Tien Restaurant - Part 2

Today you shall be treated to the "cold plate" that we had. (In mandarin, its called 'len3 pan2').

This is white meat with garlicy sauce. Ooooo so yummy. If you have been visiting this bloggie, you realised that colleagues and I have this obsession with this dish, be it cantonese, heng hua, hokkien or whatever. haha...


This is the deep fried century egg. Century eggs cooked this way does not scare many people right?

Spring rolls. Light and crispy.

As I said before, ain't this Jap?

Haha... This is not from the cold plate. We ordered another bigger plate of this.

Ok. more tomorrow...

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wmw said...

Lovely shots! Haven't seen you around my other blog for awhile. Only knew about this when I read your comment from Edwin's V20/20. I seem to be posting more on food but with some write up unlike yours. Cos your pics are so good, it speaks for itself! :o)

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