Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Loong Fatt Tao Sar Piah (Balestier)

Around a week ago, colleagues and I visited another fellow colleague who had just given birth at Thomson Medical Centre. After visiting them, we walked across the street to buy the famous Tao Sar Piah there.

There are many stalls there, but most people says the one by Loong Fatt's the best.

This is their box. It says they are the original and only outlet.

And also claimed to be the best. haha.. (it's printed on the side of the box)

This is how it looks like. We bought both the savoury and sweet versions. The ones with sesame seeds are the savoury ones.

The inside of the tao sar piah. (the pictures are not so clear)

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eastcoastlife said...

keropok man, this tau sar piah is the best!!! I have tried all the stalls and this is the real one! I prefer the sweet one though. I used to send boxes of these to my foreign friends. Now they get sick of it liao. haha.....

Anonymous said...

Never tried before. Before eastcoastlife can send one box to the foreign me. I will enjoy it, I promise.:D

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