Friday, February 09, 2007

Rong Liang at West Coast.

Hmmm today I am a bit tired, so lets do a short quiz.

Can you guess what this restaurant sell? It's something very yummy.

Hey readers who have been silent, you can use anonymous to post a reply you know, if you are shy.

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Anonymous said... are Keropok Man! I heard about you from Daryl's Authentic Malaysian Cuisine blog. Nice blog!

Anonymous said...

I know this was posted in Feb, but I can answer your quiz!

Yes, very yummy! :) Roast duck in Clementi!

Unknown said...

Yes, correct. LOL...

ezymanagement said...

there have one more outlet in bugis , opp illuma
and they are famous for their toufu as well and mongolia pork ribs

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